Bridget + Chris: The perfect elopement and the two Cs

The Wedding

Bridget and Chris eloped this summer to Willow Creek Ranch, a picturesque and secluded area outside of Ventura, California. “In the morning, we hiked the property and picked a spot for our ceremony later that evening. It was just the two of us. It was really romantic and special. We got to hike and cook breakfast in the morning. It was just a really chill relaxing day. Now the wedding will all be about friends and family coming together.” Their wedding is planned for 2021.

“It was just the two of us . . . It was really romantic and special . . . a really chill relaxing day.”

The Ring

Bridget’s ring has a 2-3/4 carat Emerald cut diamond set into a two-tone solitaire. The arching yellow gold cathedral engagement ring has a split band that tapers down toward the bottom of the ring. The gallery under the center stone is white gold with back-to-back Cs representing Chris and their doggie Crosby. “This ring is a perfect combination of class and fashion for this chic designer,” said Jenny of Diamonds Forever (Bridget is an interior designer).

Bridget and Chris designed their ring together. “I loved the process,” said Bridget. “I’m kind of indecisive and Jenny was really patient. She walked me through all the subtle details, she was as emotionally invested as I was.” Bridget’s favorite part of her ring are the back-to-back Cs underneath the center stone in the gallery. “I love it, it looks handwritten. It’s my favorite part of the ring, because they are a package deal. It’s his dog, but he got Crosby when we were together.”

About her center stone, Bridget said, “We looked at so many stones and I wanted something bigger. But those options were more than we budgeted. So, Jenny worked her magic and found us something big enough and in our budget.”

Chris proposed to Bridget after a hike up to the top of Mount San Jacinto, one of the highest peaks in Southern California.

Bridget’s favorite part of her ring are the back-to-back Cs underneath the center stone in the gallery, representing Chris and their doggie Crosby.

Finding Forever

When asked how she knew Chris was the one, Bridget said, “There were so many things. One is when we went to my twin sister’s place [Jenny also designed her ring]. She was living in Sequoia National Park doing some research. Chris and I went out to her house on Labor Day with our dog Crosby. It was supposed to be kind of a romantic trip, but my sister ended up staying with us the whole weekend. But it worked out great! It was really fun and just like Chris and Crosby are a package deal, so are my sister and I.”

Bridget’s favorite thing about Chris is “how he is just so steadfast, decisive and calm. He is my rock.”

Chris knew right away that Bridget was marriage material. “It wasn’t one moment, it was a series of moments that confirmed that for me.” What Chris loves most about Bridget is that she “takes care of others and takes care of me. She is a kind, good person.”

“He is my rock.” 

Bridget and Chris’ Tips

Bridget and Chris’ tips for anyone about to propose is to not worry about it being a surprise. “It’s something that Chris and I felt strongly about,” said Bridget. “We actually didn’t feel that engagements should be too much of a surprise. It’s okay to talk about it, make sure you are both on the same page before getting engaged.”

Bridget’s advice for anyone thinking about eloping: “I’d say don’t over plan it. Just enjoy the day with your partner.”

❤️ Thank you so much to Bridget and Chris for sharing your story. We are crazy about your lovely romantic elopement!