• July 6, 2017
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  • By Amy Huang

Feeling like Beyoncé lately because you are showing off your ring everywhere you go? We totally know the feeling. Your ring shimmers and sparkles each time the light hits it, and it is the most precious item you probably have ever received from your fiancé (love how that rolls off the tongue huh?). With that being said, you need to protect your engagement ring, and the same rules will apply when you have your wedding band as well.

There are some activities where your ring is better left in your jewelry box so that it doesn’t get damaged, including those listed below.

Putting on the Hand Lotion or Cream

You probably have put on some lotion with your engagement ring on hand before reading this blog post, and that’s ok. But we recommend putting a stop to this habit. Thick lotions can leave a residue on your ring making it looks and feel dirty. Keep your beautiful band sparkling bright by always taking it off before applying lotion.


This activity can be harmful in a few different ways. While you are cleaning you can so easily bang your ring on a cabinet or countertop, and this could do some serious damage to the setting and the stone. Also, the harsh chemicals that are used in most household cleaners, like bleach and ammonia, can damage your gorgeous ring.

Working Out

If you are doing more than a casual walk or run around the cul-de-sac, you should remove your ring from your finger. The metals that form your ring are fragile and if there is too much pressure on the band, they can bend. And while you are working up a sweat, it is much easier for your ring to slip loose off your finger. We can’t think of anything worse than losing your precious ring during a round of beach volleyball or a run across town.

Even though it may be hard to part with it for a few hours (or minutes), you should consider that you will be wearing your engagement ring for the rest of your life. You want to keep it safe and sound while cleaning, moisturizing and working up a sweat.

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