<p>Besides your engagement ring, your wedding band is the most exciting and important ring purchase you will make. A daily reminder of the love you share with your spouse, this band should reflect your taste and personality, blending beautifully with your day-to-day style. There are a variety of options to consider, from unique and trendy to classic and traditional.</p>

<h4>Sweet and Simple</h4>

<p>For the simple bride-to-be who loves timeless pieces and classic looks, a plain wedding band is the perfect choice. Created from the same metal of your engagement ring, it will allow your center stone stand out, bright and beautiful.</p>

<h4>Braided Beauty</h4>

<p>For the bride looking to add some vintage flair to their style, a braided band adds a fun yet classic twist to your finger. Add a trendy touch to this look by braiding two metals together. White gold and rose gold create an especially exquisite appearance.</p>

<h4>A Touch of Color</h4>

<p>Stand out from the usual array of diamond wedding bands with a pop of color. Whether your favorite stone is sapphire, emerald or ruby, wear it every day in a bright and unique band.</p>

<h4>Bright and Bold</h4>

<p>For a bright and shimmery wedding band that will turn heads all on its own, we recommend an eternity band. With unique details and one-of-a-kind style, an eternity band is a great option for a lady who loved her diamonds. And because of its dazzling design, this style of band will look great whether it is worn alone or pairing with your engagement ring.</p>

<h4>Stacking Style</h4>

<p>A recent wedding band trend, stacking bands are perfect for the modern bride whose fingers are adorned with an array of rings. Our favorite thing about this idea: Your spouse can add another band to your collection for anniversaries and important life milestones.</p>

<p>Regardless of your wedding band style, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Diamonds Forever</a> is happy to help you find your perfect match! <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Our San Diego shop</a> is located at 3689 Midway Dr. Suite A. Stop by to search our collection or get started on your one-of-a-kind design.</p>