Colored Stones

The bloodstone is a dark green, jasper-like mineral with red or brown drops on the surface. It has been thought to have special powers throughout the ages. The ancient Greeks called it heliotrope or Sun Stone, and they believed it transformed the sun when it was immersed in water. The red splotches on its surface have encouraged the association with blood, and it was long believed to have been created when the blood of Jesus spilled on pieces of jasper during the crucifixion. The stone is thought to foster courage and instill healthy self-esteem. It is also associated with blood health and circulation.


The Babylonians and ancient Egyptians incorporated the bloodstone in the worship of their gods. It was pounded into a powder in the Middle Ages, then consumed with liquid and used to treat tumors and remove venom from snake bites. Soldiers brought bloodstones onto the battlefield because they felt the minerals would stop bleeding. Some feel the stone is beneficial for the kidneys, liver, and immune system. It has been used as protection against evil, envy, and mistreatment. Traditionally, the bloodstone was worn to stimulate mental activity and to bring wealth and success to the wearer. It is believed to assist mothers in dealing with their children, to ease childbirth, and to regulate hormones.


The most famous bloodstone is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was the seal of Emperor Rudolf II. Bloodstones are also called blood jasper, although they are a different stone from the Jasper. Its background is usually a rich, waxy green created from chlorite, while the red or brown splotches are derived from iron oxide. Bloodstone is in the chalcedony class and it is a crypto crystalline quartz, which means its crystals are too small to be seen unaided. Some rare forms contain yellow splashes of color rather than red and are known in the industry as “plasma.” The bloodstone is an exceptionally hard mineral made of silicon dioxide. The stones range from translucent to opaque, and they show a waxy appearance after polishing. They’re found in India, Russia, Germany, the United States, Brazil, and China.

The bloodstone is traditionally associated with the month of March, although the official birth stone of that month is the aquamarine. Bloodstones are popularly worn as beads. Favorite cuts for pendants are pear, oval, and heart shapes. Many are sold as healing crystals with a point set design in a stainless steel setting. The stones usually are sold in their pure form and don’t require treatment.


Many people wear bloodstones because they believe the stone gives them confidence and courage. Some mothers give their children bloodstones to wear if they are having difficulty with their peers, and some people put them on for an added boost of confidence prior to a job interview. Whether it is worn as a healing crystal, a beaded bloodstone bracelet to balance energy centers in the body, or an elegant pair of earrings with a matching pendant, the bloodstone captures the beauty of the earth in a simple, elegant gemstone.

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