Jewelry Loans

Person Shaking Hands after Selling Gold Jewelry for Cash


Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers in San Diego offer our clients first class loans on all valuables. We understand that sometimes selling your gold and diamond jewelry isn’t the best option for our clients. Our pawn loan process is honest, simple, and straightforward. Our experts take the same approach to pawn loans as we do with buying; we appraise and give you cash. With a loan from Diamonds Forever, you will have the choice to reclaim your items when the loan is due or that check you have been waiting for finally comes in the mail.


Need a loan but can’t wait for the bank to make up their mind?

Our loan process takes minutes and you’re on your way with the cash you need.

Do you have bad credit?

Not an issue; at Diamond Forever you’re already approved.

Trying to avoid monthly payments?

Our 4-month pawn loans are done in one easy payment.


Our friendly staff will evaluate your estate jewelry and then we can work together to figure out if a loan is right for you. Every case is different and sometimes we have to help weigh the pros and cons of selling your jewelry or taking out a loan to figure out what will benefit our clients the most.

We understand that these decisions can be difficult and dealing with someone who is dishonest or not interested in customer service can lead to serious regret down the road. At Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers, we make this process fast and painless. We give you the cash you need and keep your items safely stored for when you are ready to buy it back. Our service is also discreet and confidential.

Schedule an appointment today and we’ll determine if a jewelry loan is right for you.