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San Diego Jewelry Pawn Shop Loans

Diamonds Forever in San Diego is proud to offer our clients discreet and confidential  loans on fine jewelry and gold coins.. We understand that sometimes selling your gold and diamond jewelry isn’t the best option, especially for sentimental pieces. Our pawn loan process is honest, simple, and straightforward. 

If you don’t want to sell your jewelry using your jewelry or diamonds as collateral may be the perfect alternative. We write fair offers with easy-to-afford payments for all fine jewelry.


With a loan from Diamonds Forever, you will have the choice to reclaim your items when the loan is due or that check you have been waiting for finally comes in the mail.

Access Quick Cash on Your Terms

Looking to get cash quickly without having to submit yourself to the cumbersome process of traditional banks? Look no further than Diamonds Forever 

The best pawn shop for jewelry is a jewelry store itself,with our deep knowledge of jewelry we can accurately evaluate your pieces so you can trust that you will get the maximum possible value for your items.

Pawn loans are a flexible and straightforward way to get cash. 

Do you have bad credit?

Not an issue; at Diamond Forever, you’re already approved.

Trying to avoid monthly payments?

Our 4-month pawn loans are done in one easy payment at very affordable prices.

One of the best things about pawn loans is that you can reclaim your items when the loan is due. If you are not interested in reclaiming your items, you can hold ontothe cash you needed Additionally, we offer speedy loan approval with no credit checks required, so even if you have bad credit, you can still get the cash you need. We understand that waiting weeks or even months for the bank’s approval can be frustrating, which is why we strive to offer loans on your terms.

At Diamonds Forever, we are committed to making the pawn loan process as convenient and stress-free as possible. Whether you need cash for rent, bills, or to cover an unexpected expense, we have you covered. We don’t require additional collateral other than the value of the items you bring in. ou can rest easy knowing your valuables are stored securely until you’re ready to get them back.

Visit us at Diamonds Forever today and let us provide quality solutions you can truly rely on. Our loan process takes minutes, and you’re on your way with the cash you need.

Our Simple Loan Process Helps You Act Fast

When you need money fast, traditional bank loans may not be the answer. Selling jewelry through online classified ads can take days or even weeks. But thankfully, we are proud to offer our pawn loan process at Diamonds Forever which is simple, quick, and highly reliable.

At Diamonds Forever , our team of experts uses the same approach to pawn loans as we do to buying valuables: a transparent, honest, and accurate evaluation of the items you bring in. Our experts have years of experience in providing appraisal services for estate jewelry, and we use our thorough knowledge to arrive at an objective appraisal that represents the true value of your items. This process ensures that you receive the maximum possible value for your items so that you can get the cash you need.

Our pawn loan process is designed specifically to be simple and stress-free for our clients. Unlike traditional loans, our pawn loans don’t require any in-store credit checks or lengthy approval processes. With our fast approval times of just a few minutes, you can complete the whole process in one visit, after which you’ll have the cash you need.

Step 1: Have Your Item Appraised In Store

This is the first step in our pawn loan process, during which we will evaluate how much your item is worth. Our expert appraisers have extensive experience with all kinds of estate jewelry and know exactly what each item is worth.

Our friendly staff will evaluate your estate jewelry, and then we can work together to figure out if a loan is right for you. Every case is different, and sometimes we have to help weigh the pros and cons of selling your jewelry or taking out a loan to figure out what will benefit our clients the most. We always strive to give you fair appraisals that accurately reflect the value of your jewelry.

Step 2: We Make You a Cash Offer

Once we’ve appraised your jewelry, we will be able to make you an offer for the item. This offer is based on our evaluation of the piece and the current market value. We always strive to make you a fair and competitive offer so that you can get the cash you need quickly and easily.

Step 3: You Walk Out With Cash In Hand

Our clients also enjoy a great deal of flexibility when using our pawn loan process. We handle these loans on a case-by-case basis, with payment options that were designed to better meet your specific needs.

Step 4: Pay at Your Convenience & Reclaim Your Jewelry

Unlike with monthly payment plans, our simple four-month plans require only one payment, which can be made at any time during the four-month period. And of course, you are welcome to reclaim your items when the loan is due, or you can pay them back at any time during the pawn period.

For those who are in need of money quickly, want to avoid the headache of traditional loaning, and are interested in a more flexible loaning option, then our pawn loaning process may be the perfect solution. Come visit our experts at Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers to get started today!

We understand that these decisions can be difficult, and dealing with someone who is dishonest or not interested in customer service can lead to serious regret down the road. At Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers, we make this process fast and painless. We give you the cash you need and keep your items safely stored for when you are ready to buy them back. Our service is also discreet and confidential.

Get More with Diamonds Forever At Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers, we understand that your belongings are valuable, both materially and sentimentally.

That’s why we’ve designed our pawn loan process to be completely open and transparent, so that you can feel sure that you’re getting the best value when we’re buying pre-owned items from you.

Please call us at (619) 223-2151 to make an appointment today.