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Diamonds Forever isn’t just the best place in San Diego to buy a beautiful diamond – it’s also the best place to sell your diamonds. We confidently pay more cash for diamonds so we can keep up with demand and keep our clients happy.

We buy diamonds in a similar fashion to the way we sell diamonds. At Diamonds Forever our clients are educated on the 4 C’s of diamond grading by our GIA trained staff to ensure that you are well-informed and confident when buying or selling a diamond.

Aren’t you curious about the value of that ring you never wear?

Give us a visit and we’ll tell you exactly what you’ve got.

Do you want to sell a diamond but can’t find the original paperwork/appraisals?

No need to worry, at Diamonds Forever we are lab trained to evaluate diamonds that are loose or mounted. You will know the 4 C’s of your diamond in no time.

Do you need some help appraising the value of newly acquired/inherited jewelry? Our awesome staff has been evaluating estate jewelry and diamonds for over 13 years and we would love to share our knowledge with you.

Give us a call or visit our store today: Our staff is friendly, our process is straight forward, and our diamond pricing is tough to beat.

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