Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Wild and mysterious, salt and pepper diamonds are one of the most unique stones for your engagement ring. While some people may call salt and pepper diamonds flawed, we wholeheartedly disagree. The clarity characteristics inside are what makes them one of a kind and beautiful. They’re proud of how they formed and where they came from.

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Also known as galaxy diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds form in the same environment and temperature as their white diamond counterparts. The clarity characteristics inside salt and pepper diamonds are what gives it it’s speckled appearance. From crystals (the salt) to unformed carbon (the pepper), each mix of inclusions produces the raw magical iridescent look inside the diamond that makes it uniquely yours.

While they may not be as sparkly as white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds offer a depth that’s full of hidden earthy surprises. In one light and angle, they may show a rainbow iridescence and in another, you may find a crystal that you’ve never seen before.

Salt and Pepper Shapes

Traditional diamonds are cut to maximize sparkle and weight, but with salt and pepper diamonds, we can explore different and exciting cuts that you don’t normally see. From hexagons to shields, salt and pepper diamonds come in a range of geometric shapes that can be tailored to your vision.

Salt and Pepper Colors

The visible imperfections of Salt and pepper diamonds will influence the main body color that you see. It can range from clear transparent diamonds with a sprinkling of pepper to salt and peppers with a darker, almost opaque hue. Since no salt and pepper diamond is alike, we think it’s important that you’re able to see it in person and under different lighting conditions to find your perfect stone.

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