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Move beyond the typical pawn shop experience. At Diamonds Forever, you’re assured an amazing experience guided by our expertise and care. Transform your fine jewelry into fast cash in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We will guide you through each step ~ answering every question ~ guaranteeing a positive experience.


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“It’s been an honor to support each client’s journey with empathy and care ~ every step of the way.” ~ Jenny Seligmann, GIA Graduate Gemologist and owner of Diamonds Forever


Your Trusted Expert

At Diamonds Forever, our extensive education, expertise, and experience in gemology set us apart. With a deep understanding of the art and science of jewelry valuation, we ensure that your fine jewelry is fully appreciated for its true worth. Our GIA-trained gemologists combine their technical knowledge with our signature customer-friendly service to provide unparalleled experience. Trust in our expertise, where we go beyond the basics to consider every detail of your fine jewelry, from carat to clarity, guaranteeing you a fair and top-dollar offer every time.


“All I can is wow! My husband and I needed to come up with some cash fast for an unfortunate family emergency. My husband had a gold coin that he’s had for almost ten years . . . I looked up the price of gold, then I started looking for a place to sell it. I saw that this place had 100 reviews at five stars. We went and everyone was so helpful and polite. We received the exact amount we were quoted over the phone. I would highly recommended this place to anyone buying or selling jewelry/gold.” ~ Teelah L (Yelp Customer Review)


The Diamonds Forever Promise

Welcome to Diamonds Forever, where selling your treasured pieces becomes an experience filled with comfort and confidence. Our dedication goes beyond mere service; we strive to create an environment where warmth and welcome are integral to every interaction. Trust in our commitment to guide you through a process that is not only rewarding but also deeply reassuring.


Discover the best place to sell jewelry in San Diego!


The store was very helpful while I was trying to sell my diamond ring. They gave me the accurately measured and weighed price, no pawnshop bothered [to] weigh or even measure before they spit out a lowball offer. Ben was a really fair gentlemen who you could tell had some seniority. He helped finish the sale, from the knowledgable young woman who did all the computations. They say [to] look [it] all over first, and I did. Go here to sell your diamond ring. They got the size and clarity accurate and made the best offer by far. Thanks Ben, for helping me, and for taking the time to remember my name as you said goodbye.” ~ Jonah H (Yelp Review)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Diamonds Forever Difference

Diamonds Forever believes the personal touch and love for unique jewelry distinguishes us from other jewelry buyers in San Diego. We delve into the story of each piece, pairing our expertise with a deep understanding of market dynamics to offer competitive offers. Our commitment to a customer-centric journey makes us not just San Diego jewelry buyers but your trusted partner. This dedication is why we’re known as the best place to sell jewelry in San Diego.

At Diamonds Forever San Diego Jewelry Buyers, we embody convenience. Opt to sell jewelry in San Diego with us for a seamless, direct process, sparing you from the complexities of online listings, buyer negotiations, and the intricacies of shipping. Enjoy the ease and expertise of Diamonds Forever ~ whether selling modern designer jewelry or antique jewelry.


Sell Jewelry San Diego: What You Need to Know

We recommend scheduling an appointment at Diamonds Forever San Diego Jewelry Buyers to ensure dedicated time for evaluating your gold jewelry. This allows Diamonds Forever Jewelry Buyers in San Diego to provide a more personalized and efficient service.

At Diamonds Forever San Diego Jewelry Buyers, we understand the unique worth of each piece. Our experts consider factors like metal, gemstones, condition, and design to uncover your jewelry’s true value. Need more certainty about your collection? Our 30-minute, $65 consultation provides clarity and peace of mind. Let’s discover the value together.

Selling to Diamonds Forever San Diego Jewelry Buyers is straightforward and transparent. Rest assured, there are absolutely no hidden fees or charges. The price we quote is the full amount you’ll receive, ensuring a seamless and honest experience.

Certainly! We welcome your collection with open arms at Diamonds Forever San Diego Jewelry Buyers. Whether a single piece or an extensive array, our jewelry buyers in San Diego are ready to assess each item meticulously. Are you planning to sell a more extensive collection? A quick call ahead ensures we can discuss arrangements.


Types of Jewelry We Buy

We are interested in a wide range of jewelry pieces at Diamonds Forever Jewelry Buyers San Diego. We want to see your vintage or modern diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, fashion rings, and gold bullion—even iconic designer jewelry by Harry Winston or Tiffany. Diamonds Forever jewelry buyers in San Diego particularly loves unique pieces that tell a story, much like our curated antique jewelry and vintage collection. We’re excited to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of your jewelry.

Yes! At Diamonds Forever, we see the value beyond the wear. Even if it’s seen better days, your gold jewelry is worth something to us. From the long-treasured pieces in your jewelry box gathering dust to broken clasps or missing gemstones ~ our jewelry buyers in San Diego are ready to rediscover their worth. Whether it’s a cherished engagement ring, treasured family jewelry, or even gold coins, we’re here to give these pieces a new lease on life. We are serious gold buyers.

Our jewelry buyers in San Diego have an eye for a wide variety of styles and eras. While our collection is vast, we generally don’t purchase costume or silver jewelry, nor watches. If you’re uncertain about a piece, we’re here to help ~ reach out for personalized guidance on your treasures.

We handle estate jewelry with the utmost care and professionalism. Trust in our expertise to sensitively assess and value your cherished estate jewelry, ensuring you receive a fair and honest offer for your estate jewelry.


Your Guide to the Best Place to Sell Jewelry San Diego

Our process is designed with you in mind. Contact us to arrange an appointment, where we’ll thoughtfully evaluate your jewelry. If it captures our interest, expect a fair offer from us. Accept our offer and you’ll receive immediate payment in cash, making your experience smooth and reassuring.

Our offer reflects not just the shimmer of diamonds and gold, but also the skill in the craftsmanship of each piece. We assess every facet, from history to condition, aligning our offer with market trends to ensure you receive an offer that truly honors you and your jewelry.

Diamonds Forever has decades of experience and expertise in valuation and offers. As gold buyers and dealers, we recognize the importance of fair and accurate valuation for your diamond ring, whether an engagement ring or a fashion ring. We focus on the essential qualities of your diamond ring, such as cut, color, clarity, and carat, as well as its workmanship and condition. This detailed approach ensures that we make you an offer that is precise and reflects the true value of your jewelry.

Yes, we offer professional appraisal services. We will assess your jewelry’s value, considering material quality, gemstone characteristics, workmanship, and market trends. Our professional appraisal services will ensure you understand the worth of your jewelry before deciding to sell it. We also offer written appraisals for a fee.

Our offer is good for 24 hours. We understand the need to consult with family members before selling family jewelry. We are confident that our offer is competitive. This is because 95% of clients that shop around return to us.


Getting Paid Money Without the Wait

Expect fast cash and peace of mind with Diamonds Forever. We pay immediately upon offer acceptance and after essential verifications. Our swift process distinguishes us from slower alternatives, ensuring you a seamless and satisfying experience.

Yes. We offer our customers the option to trade old jewelry for new pieces or a store credit. This option will give you the highest price.


Your Security + Privacy are our Key Concerns: Sell Jewelry San Diego

Absolutely. We take our customer’s privacy and confidentiality seriously. Your transactions and personal information will be handled with the utmost professional discretion and security. We respect the privacy of every client, ensuring a trustworthy and safe selling experience. It is a higher-end experience than that of a typical pawn shop.


Discover the best place to sell jewelry in San Diego!

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