Sell Your Jewelry

Sell Your Jewelry In San Diego, CA

Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers has joined the gold rush and we are loving it. We know how other dealers do business and we take pride in treating our customers with respect and paying or loaning out the most cash. If you are looking to sell or pawn an item our process is simple and straight forward with no gimmicks.

Have you ever been curious about those mysterious items in your jewelry box?

Did you buy a class ring decades ago that is just collecting dust?
What are you going to do with those broken chains and old watches?

Bring your items down to Diamonds Forever Estate Buyers and we will gladly tell you what you’ve got and how much it is worth. Our verbal appraisals are free and there is absolutely no commitment to sell. Our clients are always shocked when they discover how much we will pay for something that was previously considered “junk”.

Do you have sentimental jewelry you don’t want to sell?
Need some fast cash but don’t want to part with a family heirloom?

At Diamonds Forever we also specialize in pawn loans so our clients don’t have to sell their favored treasures. We give you cash, we keep your items safe and you get your jewelry back when the loan is up. If you would like more pawn info to take a look at our loan page and give us a call.

Whether you need the cash, a quick loan, or you’re just curious about something you have recently inherited please give us a call and set up an appointment today. Don’t let our awesome website fool you; we are a small business with very little overhead. We have succeeded at buying jewelry in San Diego because of our customer service and generous payments. We rely on word of mouth referrals and strong reviews from our loyal clientele.

“We help jewelry dreams come true”