Certified San Diego Jewelry Appraiser and GIA Diamond Appraisals

Jewelry Appraisals

When buying jewelry, you must know what it is and what is its true value. The San Diego Jewelry appraisal by our Certified Gemologist is available in many different forms.

For Protection and Peace of Mind

At our core, we understand the unique value and sentiment jewelry has ~ particularly an engagement ring. It’s hard enough losing a cherished item ~ a quality jewelry appraisal can at least alleviate your financial worry. Diamonds Forever takes pride in our multiple GIA Graduate Gemologists and a National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) member. Our expertise in both gemstones and valuations guarantees a fair and unbiased evaluation, ensuring you get the right insurance coverage.


Discover the true value of your jewelry with Diamonds Forever!

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“Understanding the profound connection between an individual and their jewelry is at the heart of what we do at Diamonds Forever. Let us be your guide in discovering the true worth of your treasured pieces” – Jenny Seligmann, GIA Graduate Gemologist and owner of Diamonds Forever


Diamonds Forever Goes Beyond the Basics

Diamonds Forever offers more than an appraisal ~ we delve into each piece’s history and craftsmanship to capture every aspect of its value. Our personalized approach means we take the time to understand your jewelry and ensure the valuation reflects its significance. We are here to serve you, whether diamonds, colorful gemstones, antique treasures, or luxury watch valuations. We offer a welcoming, hassle-free appraisal process ~ personalized to meet your needs.


“Excellent customer service! I went in for insurance appraisals for a few items and rather than just take my money they suggested I call my insurance company to find out their appraisal policy. Turns out I didn’t need to get exact appraisals to get coverage, so they saved me a few hundred dollars! Plus they also cleaned the pieces while I was waiting and gave me some interesting insight on these pieces that have been in my family for generations.” ~ Nicholas L, Yelp Review


Appraisals Without the Long Wait

Unlike other jewelry stores, our expert team can appraise your jewelry often on the same day (for an extra fee). This fast turnaround is a testament to our commitment to you. Experience our transparent process, witnessing the precision and care invested in every appraisal. Our jewelry store is a welcoming space where you can browse our unique jewelry collection. At the same time, you can enjoy coffee, tea, or something sweet as we appraise your jewelry.


Proper Valuation Saves You Money

Diamonds Forever specializes in providing detailed appraisal reports. From engagement rings to heirlooms, we evaluate every aspect of your jewelry. We will give you an appraisal that captures enough detail to recreate your piece in case of a loss. Our valuations reflect true market value ~ aiding in accurate insurance coverage. This approach ensures you pay only for your jewelry’s real worth. Overpaying for insurance with an inflated appraisal is no guarantee of being reimbursed for that high amount.


Cost-Effective and Efficient

Diamonds Forever offers cost-effective jewelry appraisal services to help you protect your jewelry. Most appraisals cost $160. Some pieces, especially antiques, may cost a bit more. Our straightforward appraisal fees are structured as follows:


  • $160+ for the first item
  • $160+ for the second item
  • $125+ for each additional item
  • $200+ for same-day service
  • $225+ for luxury watches


Discover the true value of your jewelry!


“Jenny and Ben are awesome. They totally helped me and my wife with a diamond engagement ring appraisal for our insurance policy. They cleaned the ring for free, gave us fast and friendly service, and will definitely get our business moving forward. Diamonds Forever is our new jeweler in San Diego!” ~ Robb B, Google Review


Jewelry Appraisal San Diego FAQs

Jewelry Appraisals 101

A San Diego jewelry appraisal is essential for insurance, resale, estate planning, charitable donations, or simply wanting to understand the value of what you have. Diamonds Forever offers expert appraisals for your engagement ring, a gold coin, and other cherished pieces when opting for a jewelry appraisal in San Diego.

We recommend getting a jewelry appraisal in San Diego every five years. The value of precious metals and gemstones can fluctuate, so having your jewelry appraised regularly ensures your insurance coverage remains accurate. If the market shows significant changes, consider more frequent appraisals.


Getting Your Jewelry Appraised: What You Need to Know

Before or after making your appointment, gather any past appraisals, certificates, or receipts you have. While not essential, a diamond report enhances the process and can significantly add to your piece’s appraised value.

Absolutely! Diamonds Forever is a professional appraisal practice that welcomes clients to be present as we appraise their fine jewelry. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about your piece and understand the factors contributing to its value as we prepare your San Diego jewelry appraisal.

Rest assured, at Diamonds Forever, your fine jewelry is always safe. Our store is a secure environment with stringent protocols and insurance coverage.

The time frame varies depending on the complexity and number of pieces. A single item takes, on average, three hours to assess and research. Larger or antique pieces may require more time. We strive to efficiently complete each jewelry appraisal without compromising accuracy and detail.

The San Diego jewelry appraisal process is gentle and non-invasive, ensuring your jewelry remains unaltered. However, your pieces will come back extremely clean!

Post-appraisal, you’ll receive a comprehensive jewelry appraisal report with descriptions, photographs, valuation methods, and the appraised value. This document is needed for insurance purposes and to ensure the correct replacement value. You want to avoid overpaying for insurance while aligning with insurance company policies.

At Diamonds Forever, we tailor our San Diego jewelry appraisal report pricing to the type and quantity of your items. We offer special rates for more extensive collections. Transparency is critical, so we’ll happily provide an estimate upfront.


Different Types of Appraisals

Diamonds Forever offers a variety of San Diego jewelry appraisals, with an insurance appraisal (replacement value) being the most common. We expertly appraise a wide variety of treasures: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, luxury watches, and even gold coins. From cherished heirlooms to engagement rings, our skilled team delivers a jewelry and appraisal report tailored to your intended use: insurance, resale, estate, charitable donation, or fair market value.

Yes. We are experts in insurance appraisals needed for insurance coverage or claims. This document provides descriptions, photographs, and full replacement value.

Yes. After insurance appraisals, the most common type of jewelry appraisals we work on deal with estate jewelry or inherited pieces of gold or platinum jewelry. We will provide a jewelry appraisal to ensure peace of mind to all parties with a vested interest.

Our jewelry appraisals in San Diego services are designed for every need. Do you want to sell your jewelry? Our market appraisals reflect current trends, enhancing your piece’s resale value. For charitable donations, we provide precise valuations for tax purposes. And if it’s about financial planning, our market value appraisals offer clarity and insight.

We excel at appraising these timeless pieces. Our team is expert at identifying historical styles and unique characteristics that define the value of older jewelry. Whether we are appraising a piece from the Art Nouveau era or an antique diamond appraisal in San Diego ~ our experience in antique restoration and repair shines through our appraisals.

If you need a diamond appraisal in San Diego, we are happy to help. We appraise all loose gemstones, including lab-grown diamonds and other natural and lab-grown stones. Our skilled gemologists expertly evaluate all aspects of your loose diamond or color stone ~ from quality to carat weight. Whether they are part of a ring or standalone, we provide a thorough diamond appraisal in San Diego, ensuring you fully understand the value of your stone.

Absolutely! Diamonds Forever is an expert at evaluating color stones set into jewelry or loose. This appraisal report will have the same meticulous attention to detail as a diamond appraisal in San Diego.

If you are wondering where to get a ring appraised, Diamonds Forever is the solution. We are a blend of professionalism and warmth. Our expert team offers precise valuations in a welcoming setting, perfect for both insurance purposes and personal understanding.

At Diamonds Forever, we expertly appraise all types of watches, from timeless classics to luxury brands like Rolex. Trust us to evaluate and appreciate the true value of your timepieces.


Jewelry Appraisal Valuations

At Diamonds Forever, we meticulously evaluate each piece of jewelry, considering material, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. For items with gemstones, our diamond appraisal in San Diego includes:


  • A detailed report.
  • Assessing characteristics like color and carat weight.
  • Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your piece’s value.



Diamonds Forever Jewelry Appraisers: Educated + Experienced

We stand out as one of only three jewelry stores in San Diego County with a GIA-educated and NAJA-affiliated in-house jewelry appraiser. While not a standard in the industry, this level of training ensures unparalleled accuracy and trust in our quality appraisal services.

Our jewelry appraisers are experts in gemology and jewelry appraisals. Continually educated on market trends, our team ensures precise, reliable valuations to the utmost level. We’re proud members of both NAJA and GIA – with GIA being the pioneer of the 4Cs of diamond grading and NAJA representing the pinnacle in appraisal accreditation.

A Graduate Gemologist is an expert knowledgeable in the intricate world of gemstones and trained by the renowned Gemological Institute of America. They bring a deep understanding of the 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – to each appraisal. Our gemologists combine technical precision with a passion for gemstones, ensuring your jewelry is appraised with accuracy and the utmost care.

As members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, we blend technical skills with uniform standards for the highest degree of quality valuations. Our commitment is to ensure your jewelry’s true worth and heritage are expertly assessed and preserved. Diamonds Forever is one of only three jewelry stores in San Diego County with both GIA-educated and NAJA-knowledgeable professionals.


Discover the true value of your jewelry with Diamonds Forever!

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