Losing your engagement ring or other jewelry valuables can be tragic enough without having to pay a second time to replace it. Fortunately, if your jewelry is insured, you can avoid the financial blow alongside the emotional one! Insuring jewelry, though, often requires an initial appraisal—which the certified experts at Diamonds Forever in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego are happy to provide.


Every piece of jewelry you purchase is an asset you’ve invested in. As such, getting it appraised and insured is critical to protecting your investment. Diamonds Forever—one of only four Jeweler’s Association certified professionals in San Diego— have your jewelry appraised by an expert GIA Graduate Gemologist, allowing you to secure the proper insurance policy so your jewelry is forever safe.

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Most jewelry stores outsource their appraisals, meaning you’ll have to wait a week or more for results or to get your treasured item returned. The expert staff at Diamonds Forever can examine your jewelry and perform all necessary tests right then and there. In most cases, your jewelry can be appraised while you wait. Efficient service that doesn’t withhold on the quality of the results!


With all Diamonds Forever staff being GIA Graduate Gemologists, you’re receiving superior service from the moment you setup an appraisal appointment to when you leave with the professional results in hand. Most single-item appointments only take an hour to complete, and include:
  • A full item description
  • Three digital images of the piece
  • Weights and measurements of all stones contained in the piece
  • Researched item value
  • A printed copy of your appraisal

Contact us to get a faxed copy of the appraisal sent directly to your insurance agent!


Since the whole point of getting an appraisal for jewelry insurance purposes to save you money in the long run, we work hard to keep jewelry appraisals affordable. Our insurance report fees are only:

  • $95 each for first two items
  • $75 for each additional item

Most appraisals (95%) fall within the above pricing parameters. If any additional work or cost is required, we’ll inform you before proceeding. Call Us or Schedule your appraisal appointment today!