Enchanting Fairy Rings and Bands

THE GIST: Fairy rings and bands are inspired by the folklore of fairies. They are whimsical rings designed with natural and mythical motifs. The bands are delicate and made of precious metal, with or without gemstones. They are said to bring the wearer love and good fortune.


Enchanted Adornments:
Inspired by the
Magic of Nature

Humans have discovered mesmerizing circles of mushrooms in meadows and forests for hundreds of years. Many cultures believe they are a portal to another world or mark a fairy village below. Whatever the belief, they are always thought to be a sign of good luck. The oldest fairy rings are hundreds of years old. If you step within them, you will journey to the realm of the fairies. Or, so the story goes ~

These fairy rings from the natural world have long inspired poets, artists, and jewelry designers. We are definitely inspired. Our fairy bands have a delicate and whimsical quality to them. I love them. Their design is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau design period of the late 1800s. This period used nature and the mythical world of fairies as inspiration. 


Fairy Rings and Bands:
Caring and Wearing Tips

Fairy rings and bands are a perfect way to add a bit of whimsy to your style. The bands are ideal for daily wear and look great stacked with other rings. They add the perfect finishing touch when worn beside a wider band. A definite must for every ring stack. It’s important with the delicate fairy bands to treat them with care. Avoid wearing them while lifting heavy things or while engaging in activities that might damage them.


Circling the Magic
and Elegance of
Fairy Rings and Bands

Because they are so delicate, they are affordable, so you can easily have more than one. I can also help you design your own custom fairy ring or band. I would love that. These bands are something you will find yourself wanting to wear all the time. 


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