Engagement Rings

Just as clothing trends come and go, so do engagement rings trends. But as we have all seen from the recent revival of high waisted jeans, every trend has the opportunity to make a comeback. A few of our favorite wedding ring styles are beginning to make a comeback and we at Diamonds Forever couldn’t be more excited.

Pear Shaped & Marquise Cut Diamonds

Tapered cuts like pear shaped and marquise cut diamonds have made a recent comeback. Marquise diamonds have a football like shape, while pear shaped diamonds are worn with the narrow end pointing toward the hand of the wearer. Both rings have a slimming effect on the hand, elongating the fingers gracefully. From solitary stones with simple bands to those haloed with diamonds, we recommend trying these rings on while you browse.

Yellow Gold

Beautiful against a wide range of skin tones, yellow gold has gained popularity again in recent years. The most hypoallergenic gold, it is easy to clean and looks incredible when paired with white gold. Another one of our favorite trends, braided bands of yellow and white gold really make your ring pop and give you more versatility when it comes to the other jewelry you wear!

Watch for these comeback trends as you begin shopping for your engagement ring and visit Diamonds Forever at 3689 Midway Dr. Suite A in San Diego, California for help finding your perfect ring!

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