What’s Your Fancy?

The most important advice I can give when choosing a center stone is that you have to see it on your own finger. Too many times to count, I’ve watched someone fall in love with a completely different shape than they thought they wanted when walking into my studio. I enjoy guessing which shape a […]

The Wild and Mysterious Center Stone: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Mother Nature’s Masterpiece: Unique, Affordable, Versatile, Eco-Friendly Salt and pepper diamonds are one of the most unique center stones for an engagement ring. I love how much personality they have. Their beauty is akin to a face no one can describe why it’s so beautiful. Each stone has its own spirit and vibe. Selecting a […]

Popular Engagement Rings for 2022: Elegant, Edgy and Eco-friendly

Fresh Approach to Classic Styles As the owner and lead designer at Diamonds Forever, I’m on the frontlines of design trends. What I find most exciting about 2022 are the fresh approaches to classic styles. Some of today’s popular designs are elegant, while others are pretty edgy. I see more interest in eco-friendly options too. […]

The Road from Angst to Joy: Engagement Ring Design Made Easy

Does the thought of designing your own engagement ring fill you with angst? I get it ~ it’s something I hear a lot. As the lead designer and owner of Diamonds Forever, I have spent the last 18 years refining the design process to make it enjoyable. Often there is some anxiety before custom designing […]