Engagement Rings

They say a diamond lasts forever, but does it keep its value forever? Unfortunately, your jewelry does not keep a consistent value over time, as things like daily wear and other mishaps can occur. If you’ve had your wedding ring for over five years, have you ever thought about how much it’s currently worth? If you’re curious for estate or insurance purposes, have it appraised!

If you own an abundant collection of jewelry, including a stunning wedding ring that likely cost your fiancé at the time an arm and a leg, it’s important to have it appraised on a regular basis. Put simply, an appraisal provides a value for your wedding ring. If your wedding ring ever got lost or stolen, it’s vital to know the most current value of your jewelry, both for insurance purposes and to save yourself from serious heartache.

An appraisal also reveals any broken pieces, missing diamonds and loose pieces that you might not have noticed before or paid attention to. These should be fixed right away for a more accurate appraisal the second time around.

Appraisals are required by most insurance companies in order to insure your wedding ring; they provide proof of ownership and are essential for estate taxation, liquidation and more.

How It Works

Bring your wedding ring to a jeweler you trust for a fair and precise appraisal. The geologist will inspect every inch of your ring to decipher the kind of condition it is in for an accurate appraisal. Using special tools and equipment, he or she will take into account the weight, cut, clarity and metal quality of your ring, among additional details and components.

The value of precious metals doesn’t stay the same forever, meaning the value of your wedding ring will likely fluctuate, as well. Even if nothing happens to it, it’s best to know the current worth of your beloved wedding ring for your peace of mind.

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