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It’s time for the biggest moment of your life. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…the moment that makes your heart race just thinking of the amazing future with this one person. This special person who knows you better than you know yourself and you’re ready. You’re asking this person to be yours forever.

We love that moment. That perfect moment where you catch yourself gazing into the eyes of the person you’ve fallen in love with and think to yourself, “You deserve the sun and the stars.” As you start planning your proposal, one of the first things that come up is the engagement ring. We know there are a lot of myths surrounding the “ring” (and maybe some negative associations) and we want to help you with a clean start. We get many valid questions from our clients, and we hope to answer some of the more pressing for you. Some of these questions won’t be easy to ask, but they may be floating in the back of your mind. We want to be upfront about how we work with and our ethics related to the industry.

The Budget

We don’t enjoy talking about this, but it’s financially prudent to do so. The budget, how much should you spend? Rules are rules. Not here! We have been told that you must spend one to three months salary on the engagement ring but I mean c’mon. It’s what you feel comfortable with. Set a budget that you feel comfortable with or start saving each month. We’re not even going to throw out an average because everyone is at a different place in life. We wouldn’t tell our friends they have to spend a certain amount so why would we tell you what to do? Do what feels right and shop smart!

Do I have to worry about conflict diamonds?

Not here.

It is extremely important to us that miners are treated humanely and that their job benefits their way of life. We carry only diamonds that comply with the Kimberly Process because we support careful mining, free from the hands of tyranny.

What is The Kimberly Process?

By law, each diamond imported into the United States must go through the Kimberly Process. Which in short, certifies that the diamond is conflict free. While it is difficult to trace the diamond’s exact birthplace, we do our best and make every effort to make sure that our diamonds have not come from conflict areas.

We also offer Canadian diamonds as well as other diamond alternatives such as Rubies, Sapphires, and Moissanite.

If there’s any questions please, ask away! We’re always available leave us a comment or email me at amy@diamondsforeversandiego.com.



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