How to Get the Engagement Ring You Want

When you and your future spouse get engaged, you are making your first towards your future together as husband and wife. A unique proposal, a beautifully crafted diamond ring, and the love of your life kneeling in front of you, is the moment that most women cannot wait for.

However, if you look down and see a ring that you can’t imagine wearing for the rest of your life, the moment might not be exactly what you envisioned it to be.

While some women prefer to have the ring chosen for them, many couples decide to choose a ring together. If you and your future spouse are thinking about picking out a ring together, it might allow you to choose a ring that matches with your taste and that is a reflection of your style as a couple.

If you don’t want to “pick out” your own engagement ring, there are plenty of ways that you can drop subtle hints to give him an idea of what you want. (Plus, he can still take some of the credit for choosing the perfect ring)

Show Him Pictures

You can very easily show your future spouse styles of rings that you like without making them feel pressured to buy a specific ring. Pictures will give him an idea of your taste and your preferences without choosing it yourself.

Shop Around Together

You and your groom-to-be can shop around for rings, even if you don’t plan on purchasing one yet. An actual visual, sorry men, is sometimes the best way to make it totally clear what your preferences are. Visit some jewelry stores and take a peek at a few rings that spark your interest.

Send Someone You Love

Trust a family member or close friend to go with your future husband when they start ring shopping. A girlfriend, sister, or mother, will likely know what your tastes are. They can help point him in the right direction and steer him away from the wrong one.

Design Your Ring Together

If you want to be able to choose your ring without feeling overbearing, express to your spouse that you would prefer a customized ring. Designing a ring as a couple, that represents your story together, will ensure that you both love the final product.

Diamonds Forever offers customized engagement rings that are meticulously handcrafted to order from start to finish.

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