Engagement Rings

When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, it is traditional for the soon-to-be groom to surprise his future bride with a ring he chose on his own. But it’s the year 2016, and if an engagement is in your near future, traditional isn’t the only choice you have. There are plenty of couples who go window shopping together before the groom makes the final decision and even couples that plan every detail of the engagement ring together. This is a ring that your loved one will be wearing for the rest of their life, so it’s no wonder that you want it to be perfect!

Not sure how you want to pick out the ring yet? There are a few different things to consider.

The Ring is Forever

One of the biggest reasons that couples are choosing to shop for the engagement ring together is the simple fact that this ring is forever. A piece of jewelry that will be on your bride’s finger for the rest of her life, you want it to be just right! And while she is sure to love any ring you choose, for some couples shopping together is an exciting bonding experience that allows them to make something completely customized to their personalities and life together.

The Surprise Factor

On the other hand, imagine the look of surprise any joy that will spread across on your partner’s face when you get down on one knee to propose – with no notice. There is almost nothing like it, and if you want your proposal experience to be a complete surprise, choosing the engagement ring together probably isn’t for you.

Here at Diamonds Forever, we have seen it all when it comes to engagement ring shopping, and we can assure you that no matter how you shop, your proposal will be absolutely breathtaking. And remember, just because you don’t want your soon-to-be fiancé to know you are shopping for the ring, doesn’t mean you can’t get her input. That’s what her Pinterest boards, best friend and mom are for.

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