Custom Jewelry
JCK trade show

This weekend I went to the JCK trade show, one of the most spectacular shows that are held for jewelry retailers and dealers and buyers. I walked three floors of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and thank god for the A/C and my comfy flats because there almost too much to check out and I was already overwhelmed by the first hour. There were so many colored stones from Opal, Pink Sapphires, Tanzanite, and Emeralds and Rubies that it seemed to go on for miles and miles. The diamonds were quite spectacular; it was like huge D-Flawless diamonds around every corner. So many vendors I’ve never even heard of and a few that we actually carry in our store. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for it next year.

Manufacturing Jewelry

One part of the show that peaked my interest was the technology they had for manufacturing jewelry. I’m a hands on person so seeing all the tools used in benchwork were very impressive and the different machines and voltage used for rhodium plating were crazy and not to mention expensive! I saw cutting edge technology like lasers that could engrave on a colored stone by just changing the setting you can make it engrave heart shaped pendants as thick as 2 or 3 mm with initials cut out into it and it only took less than 30 seconds to do! But the coolest thing that I know would be possible for me to accomplish is the computer aided jewelry design otherwise known as CAD. It’s a computer software you download and it helps you create any shape and design of jewelry you can imagine. The possibilities are endless with it. I can’t wait to start learning CAD so I can make my own designs one day. Once I learn it I’ll be able to make all kinds of engagement rings and walk our clients through the whole design process where they can feel like what they are creating with me is truly unique.  Stay tuned!

– Dani

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