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Jenna + Caleb: The pear and the Temecula proposal

The Proposal

Caleb proposed to Jenna last summer when in Temecula one weekend with friends. “We made reservations at Lorimar Winery and when we showed up the waitress told us she was going to seat us at a table overlooking the vineyard. So we started walking through the whole restaurant – walking and walking. And I was thinking it was weird because there weren’t any tables. Then we got to this little area with this gazebo and Caleb pulled me up onto the platform.”

Caleb said he wasn’t nervous about Jenna saying yes but was a bit anxious about everything going just right.  “I was at the gazebo for thirty minutes pacing back and forth. I had to keep people from coming in, telling them I was about to propose. I had a speaker ready so once Jenna came in, I was going to play this song we both really like.  I kept playing it over and over waiting for her just to make sure it worked.” And it did, until the moment Jenna walked in. Caleb finally got it working.

Jenna said the proposal was amazing! The most special thing for her was how Caleb made sure to include their friends and that it was in Temecula which is a place they both enjoy visiting. “Our friends were all really good at keeping the secret.”

Jenna said the proposal was amazing!


The Ring

Jenna’s twistie solitaire engagement ring has a 1.56 carat pear-shape diamond set with six claw prongs. This solitaire setting is a fun spin on a timeless design!

When asked what she loves most about her ring, Jenna said, “I love that it has a vintage style to it, and I love the pear shape diamond! I didn’t think I would ever get a pear shape – I wanted a round shape. Then we went to Diamonds Forever and tried things on and I loved the pear shape! I picked out my band when we were there as well, I can’t wait for the wedding!”

Jenna and Caleb designed their ring together. “We had a lot of fun,” said Jenna. “It was really helpful to have Caleb’s opinion. I really had no idea where to start. When we got to the store, we went through all these different styles with Jenny [Diamonds Forever]. When I would say that I kind of liked one, I could tell when Caleb wasn’t a fan of something. When we found this one, we both loved it.”

“I had a blast,” said Caleb. “Jenny was so helpful and so awesome. I had such a good experience. I didn’t know anything about diamonds. Jenny walked us through it and was so good at showing us different rings. We both had fun with it. I know the first place you go isn’t usually the place you get the ring, but after we walked out of Diamonds Forever, we both knew we weren’t going anywhere else.”

“I love that it has a vintage style to it,
and I love the pear shape diamond!”


Finding Forever

Jenna and Caleb plan to marry this spring at a Temecula Winery. When asked what her favorite thing about Caleb is, Jenna said, “I love Caleb’s heart. He is always thinking of other people and he treats me like a princess. He’s very compassionate and very romantic which I really love.” Jenna knew Caleb was the one early on. “We were both kind of nervous about me leaving right after we met each other so we ended up doing Facetime every day and by week three I was ready to come back to San Diego. Being away from him made me realize that I actually really liked this guy.”

Caleb said, “I knew after our first date, after talking four hours straight, that she was definitely someone special. I knew I loved her the first time we left each other. I was really worried because we hadn’t been together that long. But it was honestly easy because I came home every day looking forward to talking to her on the phone. That’s when I knew.”

“I love Caleb’s heart. He is always thinking of other people
and he treats me like a princess.”


Jenna and Caleb’s Tips

Jenna’s advice for anyone about to propose is to not go overboard. “It doesn’t have to be a super elaborate thing, but of course that kind of depends on the girl. If you love someone, you are going to love them proposing. I was just so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with this person. You don’t have to make it extra fancy.”

Caleb’s advice is to have back-up plans in case timing becomes an issue. “Planning a proposal can be tricky because each girl is different. Some girls prefer being surprised. Jenna doesn’t like being surprised that much. She would rather pick out the ring while other girls want to be completely surprised. I would say tailor the proposal to the girl and maybe ask her best friend to get some tips.”

❤️ Thank you so much Jenna and Caleb for sharing your story. What a sweet proposal!

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