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Melissa + Wes: Christmas dinner and the untouched plate

The Proposal

Wes proposed to Melissa on Christmas day while visiting family in Massachusetts. After Christmas dinner, the family gathered for a family photo.

“Once we all got into position for the photo, Wes interrupted and proposed in front of my whole family,” said Melissa. “My immediate family knew he was going to propose, but not my cousins, aunts and uncles. I was completely surprised.”

When asked if he was nervous to propose in front of the whole family, Wes said, “Oh, for sure. We had Christmas dinner and I barely touched my plate of food.”

“Melissa asked why I wasn’t eating. I knew why,
but I couldn’t tell her,” said Wes.

The Ring

Wes proposed with Diamond Forever’s “temporary solitaire setting” with the 1.51 carat oval shape diamond he had picked out for Melissa. Wes picked an oval shape because he knew that was what Melissa wanted. After the proposal, they both designed their engagement ring around her original diamond. The center oval diamond has a dainty halo of diamonds underneath it. Green round brilliant emerald stones are delicately framed in the ring’s profile. This yellow gold ring looks both modern and elegantly old world.

When asked what Melissa loves most about her engagement ring, she said, “It’s just really elegant to me. It’s really unique. The emerald in the band, it’s my favorite gem stone. I love that it was incorporated into the design.”

Wes enjoyed the process of designing the ring with Melissa. “I like that it was inclusive. We got to collaborate on what we wanted and got to find something together.”

The couple worked with Amy of Diamonds Forever to design her engagement ring. “I recommended that Wes propose with Diamonds Forever temporary solitaire setting because it would give Melissa the best of both worlds, she would get the surprise proposal and it also would allow her to have input on a piece of jewelry she is going to wear forever.”

“It’s just really elegant to me. It’s really unique. The emerald in the band,
it’s my favorite gem stone. I love that it was incorporated into the design.”

Finding Forever

Melissa and Wes’ wedding is in August. When asked how they each knew they had found their forever person, Melissa said, “He is just the one guy I could not get out of my head. I just felt another kind of attraction ever since we met.”

Wes loves how Melissa is super easy to be around. “She’s easy to talk with. She makes everyone feel welcome. That is the attraction that brought me to her.”

“He is the most positive person I’ve ever met. He’s joyful in every situation.
He just makes everyone happy,” said Melissa about Wes.

Melissa and Wes’ Tips

Melissa’s tip for anyone about to propose is to let their partner be in on the design of the ring. “For me it was very special that I was able to have input on the specifics. But at the same time, I was still surprised for the proposal. I loved the way Wes proposed and then let us work on the ring together.”

Wes’ tip is to make the proposal an experience. “It’s obviously a once in a lifetime experience so make it an experience for both of you.” As far as the ring, “If you aren’t designing it with her, her friends will know what she wants. Make sure you at least have her mom or friends involved in the process.”

❤️ Thank you so much Melissa and Wes for sharing your story. What a heartfelt proposal!

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