My earliest memories are of doing art. I remember making jewelry at my cousin’s house. I remember this sand dollar I drew, which was probably too perfect for a 2nd grader, and I remember ever since I was 11, I had been decorating and designing my room. I’ve always had an excellent eye for design and I believe that comes from my innate characteristic to create beauty all around me, so there is no question as to why jewelry enthralls me.

What makes something beautiful, whether it’s a person, a place, or a piece of jewelry, are the details that make it one of a kind. Jewelry is nothing without the perfect stones, and when it comes to diamonds there are 4 defining factors of beauty that are collectively known as, “The 4 C’s.” They stand for: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Together they are what give the diamond value, and they are what makes each diamond truly one of a kind.

Before I knew better, before I was educated, I didn’t like diamonds. There, I said it….I just didn’t think there was anything special about them. It seemed like everyone was wearing them, and if, one day, I did get engaged, I wanted a yellow diamond. I was all wrong. Like they say, at first I was blind, but now I see. Once you understand the life and beauty of a diamond: the formation, the master craftsmanship that goes into each and every stone, and then the creativity that goes into the design setting, you, too, will see just how truly amazing diamonds are. I’m going to take you down a journey in the life of a diamond and by the end, I guarantee your perspective will change and just like me, you will now see the light….the light of a diamond of course.

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“Jewelry As Unique As You”