Custom Jewelry

Becoming the Artist

By making and designing your ring, bracelet, or necklace with your jewelers at Diamonds Forever, you can become an artist. Simply by getting excited about what your special person likes and her personality, we can come up with many ideas that will impress her and make your gift something durable and aesthetic.


Jewelry is very sentimental. It means you’ve cared for this person long enough to spend a little time and money to find something that reminds you of them. It can symbolize a celebration of engagement or a birthday or a rite of passage such as a young girl turning 16 receiving a new pair of diamond earrings or a gift on mother’s day that has all her children’s birthstones or names.

Value of Precious Metal

Without gold, what does guarantee the value of our money? The answer is: nothing at all. All jewelry made in precious metals has a value unlike many little pieces you can find at your local mall that only cost you a few bucks. With any true gold, silver, or platinum jewelry you can find relief in that if you buy it that you will always receive something in return just in case of emergencies. Precious metal also doesn’t turn your finger green! You can wear it anywhere and it can handle a lot of abuse. But just because it’s strong it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mindful of it and take good care of it. After all, it was probably a gift from someone who cared about you.

A Timeless link to the Past

Especially with old family jewelry, it’s exciting to find out if it’s an antique or from what jewelry era it came from. It could go all the way to the Gregorian era which you can’t find much of these days since most of it was taken apart and reassembled into other pieces of jewelry and non jewelry items. Hopefully it’s from the Edwardian era, a time during splendid prosperity, where most things were made of the more expensive metal Platinum and diamonds and pearls. Knowing that jewelry has lasted through the centuries shows how timeless your next design could be. It’s impressive how we can still find a link to our ancestors and still make our own family heirlooms.

Instilling Confidence

Just wearing valuable gold and diamonds makes you feel like a million bucks. It’s not just an amazing accessory it’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle where you are choosing to adorn yourself and look good every day. Some want to accentuate their loveliness. Some want to wear it for protection from illness or the hazards of life. Whatever the reason you choose to wear your jewelry, simply love and keep buying more!

If you are ready to begin your quest for the perfect earrings call us at (619) 223-2151 or come in and see us! We look forward to seeing you!

“Jewelry As Unique As You”