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Rose Gold Then and Now

Rose gold is made when copper is alloyed with gold, giving off a radiant and romantic hue that has been adored by many since its creation in nineteenth century Russia. While rose gold has gone in and out of style over the course of the past 200 years, it is a beautiful option for the individual who loves vintage jewelry and soft romantic hues. The pinkish color of rose gold pairs gorgeously with all skin tones, creating an elegant and simplistic look that pairs beautifully with a wide range of styles.

As we mentioned in our recent blog post, “Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2016,” rose gold is set to be a staple throughout the 2016 wedding season. Growing in popularity over the past few years, rose gold rings can be seen in the fingers of starlets like Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere, and Glamour believes the trend is here to stay as the New Year unfolds. With 2016 close on the horizon, Diamonds Forever is taking a look back into the past to discover more about the rose gold jewelry trend and why it is so popular now.

Russian Gold

Discovered in Russia during the early 1800s, rose gold was originally called “Russian Gold” because of its popularity across the country. A favorite among the aristocrats of the Victorian Era this pink hued metal was overshadowed by yellow and white gold in the years to come.  There are three different colors of rose gold, with true rose gold being made of 75 percent gold, 22.5 percent copper and 2.5 percent silver. Red gold and pink gold were created in later years. Red gold has no silver in it and pink gold has more silver than true rose gold.

Cartier’s Trinity Ring

Designed in 1924, Cartier’s Trinity Ring brought rose gold back to life. With three intertwined bands of white, yellow and rose gold, the ring stood for friendship, fidelity and love and was endorsed by Jean Cocteau.

World War II

As the art deco era begin in the 1930s, platinum became the metal of choice for many fashionistas. This trend couldn’t last long though, since the beginning of World War II in September of 1939 led to a restriction of platinum. As the war continued and platinum was used by military troops across the globe, both yellow and rose gold grew in popularity, remaining the favorable style until the mid 1950s.

Celebrity Favorite

This delicate colored metal has found its way onto the left ring finger of many celebrities in recent years, fueling the fashion trend to further heights. While starlets like Leighton Meester and Whitney Port have stuck with the traditional diamond engagement ring trend, others have paired their rose gold bands with gorgeous and unique center stones. Some of our favorites are Teresa Palmer’s rose quartz stone and Blake Lively’s pink diamond.

More Than Just Jewelry

As 2016 begins, rose gold is expected to become a must-have part of weddings in more areas than just the jewelry. With metallic décor and glittery gold invitations expected favorites in the New Year, we can see rose gold sparkling elegantly in wedding venues across the globe. This pink hue has already spread past jewelry with the recent introduction of the rose gold iPhone 6s and we can see this trend continuing throughout the upcoming year.

Create Your Own Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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