Engagement Rings

Traditionally, shopping for an engagement ring is a task reserved for the future Mr. But it’s the year 2016 and here at Diamonds Forever we believe the decision of how you and your partner choose an engagement ring is yours alone. Depending on your personal preferences, there are plenty of advantages to each course of action.

Surprise Your Soon-To-Be Spouse

The first and most traditional option to consider is the surprise. Maybe you trust your partner completely and desire that the ring be a reflection his taste as well as yours. Or maybe you have dropped enough hints and showed off enough Pinterest boards that you are sure he understands your engagement ring style. Either way, the moment he surprises you by getting down on one knee with a sparkling diamond in hand is sure to be a special one you never forget!

Choose the Ring Together

If you and your partner have already discussed your upcoming engagement and have no qualms about breaking tradition, choosing (or designing) an engagement ring together can be an incredibly fun and memorable experience! This way, it is guaranteed that your ring looks exactly like you envisioned it, and you will make some wonderful memories shopping and customizing your engagement ring with your soon-to-be spouse.

And just because you pick out the engagement ring together, doesn’t mean there can’t still be a small element of surprise. You still won’t know when your custom ring design will be ready or when your partner will pop the question!

Do Some Window Shopping

For men who like the idea of maintaining more of a surprise factor during the proposal, but would like to ensure that the ring they choose is one that their lady will love, window shopping is the perfect compromise! Spend an afternoon daydreaming about your future together, taking note of the particular cuts and styles your soon-to-be Mrs. is drawn to.

This way, you will be able to choose the engagement ring on your own with complete confidence!

If you and your partner are thinking about getting engaged, don’t be afraid to weigh all your options before he gets down on one knee to propose. The ring is going to be on your finger for years to come, so it is important that you get this right!

Whether you are looking to surprise your partner with your proposal or are interested in designing a custom ring as a team, Diamond Forever is here to help. Visit our San Diego shop today, or schedule an appointment with us by phone at 619-223-2151.

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