Gemology is the geoscience built around the study of gems and gemstones. Gemologist are individuals who have been trained to identify gems using scientific processes, to determine the unique qualities of individual gems, to compare these qualities between gems, and to detect flaws and other problems in these gems. Given the range of gems and gemstones, these skills are highly useful and important in the jewelry business.

Gemologist and Jewelry Appraisers

Gemologist are trained and certified as professionals by professional bodies such as the American Gem Society and the Gemological Institute of America. These professional bodies offer not only courses on gemology for interested individuals but also entire curriculums on the subject for gemologist candidates. The exact qualifications for someone to be certified as a gemologist depends on the professional body in question, but they always require gemological candidates to take the necessary courses before passing their certifying examinations. In short, a gemologist has a significant amount of education behind his or her opinion about gems and gemstones, plus a professional’s obligation to avoid distorting the truth if people ask about his or her area of expertise.

In comparison, the term jeweler simply describes all people who make, sell, and repair jewelry. While some jewelers are also gemologists, most are not. It is certainly reasonable to conclude that jewelers will pick up some knowledge of the scientific processes used to evaluate gems through sheer experience, but there is no guarantee that they will do so or that what they do pick up will be useful. Furthermore, there is the possibility that jewelers might misrepresent the value of their products when appraising them in order to make a sale. In San Diego, Diamonds Forever is the ideal place to have your jewelry appraised.

Why Your Jewelry Appraiser Should Be a Gemologist

You should get a gemologist to appraise your jewelry because gemologists are specifically trained to evaluate gems and are professionally obligated to relay the details of their findings to you without error and distortion. Not only can you relax knowing that the results of their appraisals are probably as accurate as they get, but also that those results will be accepted by other individuals interested in the value of your jewelry. Diamonds Forever in San Diego has a staff of GIA graduates + Gemologists that can help you with all your appraisal needs.


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