Custom Jewelry

A meaningful way to add more sparkle to your bride’s left ring finger, the stacked wedding band trend continues to flourish in 2016. A look that first appeared on the fingers of celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Rebecca Romijn, the idea of wearing three (or more) rings together isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

The idea behind stacked wedding bands is that the husband can continue to gift his wife additions to her stack on the most special of occasions. A big anniversary and the birth of your child are two perfect examples.

Stacked bands allow for complete flexibility. Your ever-changing arrangement of rings can be worn together or alone depending on your mood and the formality of the event you are attending.

Similar to stacked bands, nesting bands are another style of ring that we love. Nesting bands are molded to fit around the center stone of your engagement ring, adding emphasis and a bit of drama to its appearance. Your collection of nesting bands can also be added to, and styles can be nested below or above the engagement stone.

A way to explore different metals and designs, combining unique styles to display the story of your love, stacked and nesting wedding bands are a lovely idea to consider when searching for a gift for your spouse.

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