Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, the diamond reigns supreme. But shape and setting styles are always changing. So what styles are most popular today? Market Watch did some digging to figure out what type of ring your loved one would like to see on her left hand.


While colored diamonds, sapphires and rubies have all grown in popularity in recent years, these trendy options are no match for the traditional clean diamond stone. Only 8 percent of engagement rings feature a non-diamond precious stone as their center stone, making your bride all the more unique if she prefers a brightly colored stone on her left ring finger!


Preferred by almost 50 percent of brides, the round cut stone is an elegant, classic choice to consider. Not sure a circle cut stone is for you? Starlets like Lady Gaga and Alexis Bledel have made unique stones shapes – like hearts and octagons – another popular option.


Sparkling and dramatic, the halo setting is taking the engagement ring industry by storm. Seen in 22 percent of rings nowadays, this setting has tripled in popularity since 2011. 63 percent of all engagement rings contain a clear diamond center stone with side stones or accents, proving just how popular the halo trend has become.

Why do we love this style so much? The halo setting enhances your center stone, making it look larger and more dramatic in appearance.


White gold and platinum have reigned supreme for years, and it looks like this trend will continue throughout 2016. 68 percent of engagement rings are created from white gold, as it is a less expensive choice similar in hue to the durable favorite platinum.


It seems as though shoppers are split right down the middle when it comes to style of their bands, with 54 percent opting for a band with no diamonds and 46 percent preferring glittering diamonds around their entire finger.

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