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Groom Wedding Band Guide & Quiz

Especially for the man who doesn’t typically wear jewelry, choosing a wedding band can be extraordinarily difficult. Not only is there the physical appearance of the ring to consider, but there is also the weight of the metal and its durability to take into consideration.

Depending on your profession and free-time activities, the durability of your wedding band is especially important.


Heavy in weight and fairly durable, platinum has been a popular choice for men’s and women’s wedding bands (as well as engagement rings) in recent years. An attractive, silver colored metal that will maintain its beauty for years to come, this metal is a great choice for couples who would like their rings to match.


An option we recommend for men who aren’t sure about wearing a ring all the time, titanium is incredibly lightweight. Exceptionally durable as well, it is typically gray in color, but can be tinted to a stony black hue as well.


An alternative metal that has grown in popularity during recent years, tungsten is a favorite choice for men’s wedding bands as it the most scratch resistant option available. An 8-9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, tungsten is one of the best choices for carpenters, mechanics, landscapers and individuals with other careers that require you to work with your hands.


Both white gold and yellow gold are classic options to consider when searching for a wedding band. Medium in weight and inexpensive to have resized, gold is a traditional option that many couples still prefer.

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