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We Support Your Holiday Proposal

We noticed a lot of different articles slamming holiday proposals in recent weeks. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, our opinion is a little bit different.

Breaking News: We support holiday proposals!

Whether you popped the big question in December or you “rang” in the New Year, (see what we did there) we think that the holiday season is the perfect time to let your love shine through. Although a holiday proposal is often thought of as “cliché,” we think it can be charming, enchanting, and just plain romantic. We have selected a few reasons that people argue against holiday proposals so we can argue our own opinion in support of romantic gestures.

They Are Too Public

Many people feel that a holiday proposal is too public and that you draw to much attention to you and your future spouse by proposing. However, you do not need to propose in the middle of your family dinner or a crowded street. A holiday proposal doesn’t mean that it has to be done in front of everyone else, you still can choose where and how to propose. It can be an intimate moment between two people on a late night walk, a private meal, or the quiet corner of a Christmas tree farm.

They Are a Social Media Scam

This might come as a shock for some people but not everything people do is done so it can be posted on social media. Granted we are all guilty of purchasing the doughnut that we think will look good paired with our favorite Instagram filter, most people don’t propose just so they can change their Facebook status. A proposal is a serious commitment. It is a prelude to one of the most serious commitments that you can make in your lifetime. Although you’ll likely see a holiday proposal come across your feed, please don’t believe that it was done for that reason. That person is simply sharing their moment just as they would if it was the middle of September because they are elated and they deserve to be.

They Are an Easy Way Out

This might be the most ridiculous reason we came across that we are almost embarrassed to share it ourselves. Some people claim that a holiday proposal is a way to get out of giving a gift. If you’re stuck on what to give someone for a holiday, you would purchase a scarf or a sweater, not an engagement ring. A small bottle of perfume is an “easy way out” but an engagement ring most certainly is not. An engagement ring is a declaration of unfailing love; it doesn’t say “Sorry, I’m bad at picking out gifts.”

There is no right or wrong to time to propose to the woman you love. If you have been waiting for the “right time” and you think that right time is in the middle of the holiday season, then plan a holiday proposal.

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