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Picking out your wedding bands is a big decision. A sign of the love and commitment you and your significant other share, you want to choose a ring that you love and are excited to wear daily. Before heading out to shop for your rings, make some preliminary choices to simplify your search.

Should Your Rings Match?

The first thought to consider: What type of metal you would like your ring to be made of? Traditionally, the engagement ring and both wedding bands are all made of the same material. While this notion still appeals to many couples, it is by no means a rule that is set in stone. Talk with your partner about your ring preferences and then find a metal you love. Have two different preferences, but still want bands similar bands? Consider compromising with a braided style that incorporates both of your favorites.

Consider the Engagement Ring

Take a look at the ring that is already on your hand. Especially if you plan on wearing your wedding band and engagement ring together, you will need to find a style that compliments that of your ring. We also recommend bands that contour or interlock with the engagement ring for easy and comfortable wear.


Wedding bands are a big purchase, so take your time making a decision. Be sure to start your shopping early to have the rings designed, sized and engraved in time for the big day.

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