When you finally can gaze down and see your engagement ring sparkling, it can be hard to consider taking it off. However, there are certain circumstances where you should take your ring off in order to protect it.

During Exercise

Whether you are hitting the gym or you are shooting hoops, exercise can easily damage your ring. If your ring is struck hard with a free weight or a fast ball, it can bend the prongs of your ring and loosen the setting. Keep your ring in a secured locker or leave it at home during your workout. Although it’s tempting to show it off, the gym is not a safe place to do so.

Applying Moisturizer

Moisturizing is an extremely important habit to establish but you should not apply any type of moisturizer with your ring on. Although moisturizing is a vital part of our skin care routine, you should avoid doing it with your ring on. Lotion can build up on the surface of the ring and make the band and the stone appear dull. Put on lotion with your ring off and wait until your hands dry to put them back on.

Getting Ready

Women typically use a wide variety of products to get ready in the morning. Perfume, hair spray, foundation, setting spray, hair gel, and a wide assortment of other products, should not come into contact with your engagement ring. These products will form a buildup on your ring that will cause it to lose its sparkle and shine. You should take off your ring when getting ready in the morning and at night.

Cleaning Up

If you have a designated “cleaning” day, your first step of the day should be to take your ring off. Cleaning products are full of chemicals, such as bleach, which can even affect the color of your engagement ring. When scrubbing counters, dishes, and bathtubs, it is extremely easy to bang your stone against something and loosen the stone or setting.

Meal Prepping

Whether you are preparing tomorrow’s lunch or tonight’s dinner, you should not wear your ring while doing so. Food can easily get stuck in the prongs of a ring, from peanut butter to ground beef. You don’t want condiments or any other trace of food stuck in the details of your ring.

When you wear your engagement ring is up to you but there are times where it is important to avoid wearing it when possible. If you don’t have a safe place to keep your ring during these activities, leave your ring on. However, take them off when you can to keep it clean and well-kept.

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