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If someone asked you what finger an engagement ring or a wedding finger went on, you’d likely know the right answer. Typically, women wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on their left hand on their ring finger, the finger closest to the pinky. Many women do not wear rings on this finger unless it is a wedding ring of some sort. Although some do, the tradition is that we reserve this finger for our engagement ring and wedding ring only. How did the large majority of women around the world start wearing their rings on that particular finger? The answer is ancient history.


Thousands of years ago, the people of Greece believed that the ring finger on our left hand contained a vein that ran directly to our heart. The general consensus among people was that wedding rings belonged on that finger in order to wrap around the finger that held the vein to our heart. They referred to the vein as “vena amoris,”meaning the vein of love. To disappoint all of us romantics, science disproved this ancient myth. However, the tradition continues on for the large majority of the world.

Around The World

Although it is typical to see women wearing their rings on their left ring finger, the tradition does differ among countries. For instance, in the United States, Canada, and Italy, to name a few, this tradition remains for the most part. However, in countries such as Germany, Russia, and Spain, is not practiced and people wear their rings on their right ring finger instead. Some religions also have traditions which might influence a married couples choice of ring finger. For instance in Belgium Catholicism, you wear your ring depending on what region you live on.

Up To You

Ultimately, the bride and groom can decide on what finger they would like to wear their wedding and engagement rings. There is no right or wrong answer, it is simply personal preference. What is important is not what finger you wear your ring on but what your ring looks like and what it means to you. Diamonds Forever is dedicated to helping you create your favorite piece of jewelry, engagement rings included, that imbues your personal history and style.

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