Three Stone Rings: Bewitching + Meaningful

I love the beautifully balanced vibe of a three-stone setting. Its traditional meaning is one of your past, present, and future. That being said ~ I highly recommend you give it your own spin. Whether you want to keep the design classic or go for something more alternative, I can offer you some exciting options. […]

Fancy + Fabulous + Fetching: Color Stone Engagement Rings

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a colorless diamond ring. But some girls want a center stone that more colorfully reflects their unique style and personality. While diamonds come in many fabulous colors, the exact hue and size you may want might be out of budget. Other color gemstones can be striking […]

What’s Your Fancy?

The most important advice I can give when choosing a center stone is that you have to see it on your own finger. Too many times to count, I’ve watched someone fall in love with a completely different shape than they thought they wanted when walking into my studio. I enjoy guessing which shape a […]

Is Yellow, White or Rose Gold Right for You?

When shopping for your dream engagement ring there are many factors to take into consideration, one of the first of which is the metal. Throughout history, gold has remained a popular option, although the particular hue has changed with the times.