A Timeless Essential:  Bezel Solitaire Pendant

A diamond solitaire pendant is a fashion staple for every woman. It’s an effortlessly chic and versatile necklace that goes with every outfit. It’s also the perfect gift every time ~ it’s always a winner. I’m a huge fan of our bezel solitaire necklaces. It’s a timeless essential that is a welcome addition to any layer of necklaces.


The 411 on the Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is a traditional setting style with a very modern feel. Its sleek minimalist design is a highly secure setting with a delicate metal frame. In addition, it can help hide flaws like noticeable inclusions or chips along a stone’s edge.

This setting can make gemstones appear larger. And it works for any shape stone. Set elongated stones like emeralds or ovals east-to-west or horizontally for an exciting, fashion-forward design. The bezel setting can be highly polished for a contemporary look or have intricate metal work for a more vintage or antique feel.

A common misconception is that a bezel setting will make a diamond sparkle less. Gemstones receive most of their light from the top of the stone – which is fully exposed in a bezel setting. Another added benefit of this setting is it’s very easy to clean.


A perfect Option for Unused Gemstones
or when Upgrading your Engagement Ring

A bezel setting is a perfect alternative to explore when upgrading your engagement ring. It allows you to repurpose your original center stone into a necklace you can wear close to your heart.



Solitaire pendants are a must-have classic ~ 
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