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Three Stone Rings: Bewitching + Meaningful

I love the beautifully balanced vibe of a three-stone setting. Its traditional meaning is one of your past, present, and future. That being said ~ I highly recommend you give it your own spin. Whether you want to keep the design classic or go for something more alternative, I can offer you some exciting options. Over the years, I’ve been honored to help clients tell their own very personal stories through the design of their engagement rings.


The Perks of Three Stones

This ring design has a lot of exciting possibilities. Exotic-shaped stones or color stones are both uber gorgeous options. Though, using three emerald-shaped colorless stones is absolutely stunning too. One alternative I love is to use blue sapphires as the side stones next to a salt and pepper diamond. This turns a classic setting into a modern and edgy design.


A Perfect Option for Family Stones

This is a great design to explore if you have family stones that aren’t being used. The most popular shapes are round, emerald, and princess. More unique options include Asscher, oval, and marquise shapes. As with every ring design, it all starts with choosing the perfect center stone. From there, I’ll guide you through alternatives that will make your ring meaningful and unique.


Three-stone rings have a lot of fantastic design options ~
I‘d love to help you design yours!


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