Colored Stones
Gems of Fire: Corundum aka Sapphires + Rubies

THE GIST: This stunning gemstone instantly makes me feel more luxurious. Corundum comes in more colors than any other natural gemstone. Plus, it’s one of the most durable natural gemstones after a diamond. For this and many other reasons, choosing corundum is always an excellent choice. 

Sapphires +Rubies:
Stars of the Earth

Corundum comes in every color in nature ~ from shades of blue and red to yellow, orange, pink, and green. So there’s a perfect hue for everyone. Additionally, it’s the second most durable natural mineral on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it ideal for an alternative engagement ring or other jewelry you want to wear daily. Furthermore, it’s regularly associated with good luck and protection.

Unbreakable Flames:
Sapphires + Rubies

Sapphires and rubies come from corundum. Yes ~ that striking ruby-red corundum is so notable it gets its own name. Sapphire and ruby are the most durable natural gemstones after a diamond. Their vibrant colors evoke a feeling of power and indulgence. This is why the wealthy and powerful have coveted them since ancient times. Personally, they always make me really happy when I wear them. My most important piece of advice is that you must see rubies and sapphires in person. Every stone is so distinct. You could miss what makes them special if you don’t see it with your own eyes. Pick one that resonates with you ~ and that’s the one!


Beyond Beauty: The Many
Gifts of Corundum

The preferred choice for an engagement ring is still a diamond. However, as more couples seek something different ~ sapphires and rubies are the go-to gemstones. While many color options exist, sapphires and rubies are the most exciting. It is prized for its beauty, affordability, durability, rarity, versatility, and symbolism. I love them because they add instant glamour and dimension to a design. Whether a gentle sprinkling of sapphires added to a wedding ring ~ or a ruby as the focal center stone. With so much variation within each hue, there will be a color that appeals solely to you.

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