Julie + Doug: The rainy day wedding

The Wedding Julie and Doug got married in the fall of 2020.  The most memorable moment for Doug was when the sun came out. “It was forecast to rain all day and I was a nervous wreck. I was also the DJ for the wedding [he is DJ and artist]. As I set up, I […]

Jenna + Caleb: The pear and the Temecula proposal

The Proposal Caleb proposed to Jenna last summer when in Temecula one weekend with friends. “We made reservations at Lorimar Winery and when we showed up the waitress told us she was going to seat us at a table overlooking the vineyard. So we started walking through the whole restaurant – walking and walking. And […]

Jennell + Johnny: Love at first sight and the daydream wedding

The Wedding Jennell and Johnny were married in 2016. The one moment they both will never forget from their June wedding is the daydream moment. Jennell’s father officiated their wedding. “As he was asking ‘do you take Jennell as your wife?’ Johnny was daydreaming. It was just quiet. And my dad said ‘well do you?!’ […]

Melissa + Wes: Christmas dinner and the untouched plate

The Proposal Wes proposed to Melissa on Christmas day while visiting family in Massachusetts. After Christmas dinner, the family gathered for a family photo. “Once we all got into position for the photo, Wes interrupted and proposed in front of my whole family,” said Melissa. “My immediate family knew he was going to propose, but […]