Colored Stones

Weddings are often influenced by what is currently trending. Wedding gowns are constantly changing with the times and we have watched them go from lace to low back. Wedding centerpieces also change with the times, ranging from cookie-cutter keepsakes to a creative candy bar. Engagement rings also face trends and often change from year to year depending on what is in style-wise. Currently, customized engagement rings are trending and we approve.

A customized engagement ring gives you the ability to express both yourself and your relationship with your engagement ring. The large majority of couples are choosing to create a custom-design for the bride-to-be’s engagement ring. Some couples are even creating custom wedding bands for both the bride and groom. Couples want to share their love story and creating a custom engagement or wedding ring allows them to share it in a way that words cannot.

Creating a custom engagement ring is a great option for people that really want something special to the two of them. Although all engagement rings are beautiful in their own right, there is something extraordinary about knowing that your ring is yours alone. There is something so personal about knowing that you and your future spouse created a symbol of your love together and that you get to wear that symbol for eternity.

Rose gold engagement rings are currently trending as well. Rose gold rings are gold but have a pink tint and many people are using rose gold for their customized engagement ring band. Rose gold has become so popular in recent months that people are even dying their hair this color and makeup lines are making makeup available in this color. Rose gold became popular in the 1800’s and it has made a fierce return in the fashion market, especially with jewelry.

Colored stone engagement rings are also trending and they are hard to miss. From bold kunzites to black diamonds, future brides are opting into colorful engagement rings. When most people picture an engagement ring, they picture white diamonds, but many people are shying away from that concept. From red rubies to blue sapphires, people are expressing their love through color. Some people outline the bold gemstone with diamonds, making the color less prominent. Other people are going as big and bright as they can, making the colorful gemstone a focal point. The rise in colored engagement rings confirms that couples are looking to create customized rings.

Engagement rings can be whatever you want them to be, that’s the beautiful reality. If you want to create your own ring from scratch, you are able to do that. If you want to incorporate your favorite color using a gemstone, you can do that too. The style of your engagement ring can be your personal decision. If you create customized wedding bands, you have created something as unique as you and your future spouse. Let Diamonds Forever help you create a customized ring that will tell your love story without you uttering a word.

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“Jewelry As Unique As You”