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Dive into Blue Aquamarine: The Latest Must-Have Gemstone

THE GIST: My favorite thing about aquamarine is it comes in large eye-clean stones. Their color ranges from light blue to deep teal and comes from the mineral beryl. This fairly-durable gemstone also forms green emeralds and pink morganites. Aquamarines are known for calming and soothing properties. It helps with communication, courage, and clarity of thought. It’s the birthstone for March and is used to celebrate the nineteenth anniversary.

Gem of the Sea:

Translating to the water of the sea, aquamarines are as treasured by today’s rich and famous as by ancient explorers. Long cherished for its beauty and healing properties ~ it brings courage, creativity, and peace to its wearer. Since ancient times, it’s been a symbol of eternal youth and happiness. It served as a must-have amulet for sea explorers for thousands of years by granting safe passage and protection from sea monsters. They are often found with the sea god Poseidon engraved into the gemstone.

Large Eye-clean
Stones on a Budget

Aquamarines come in large eye-clean stones. And the more significant the stone, the more striking the color. I can show you gorgeous aquamarines between 5 carats and 25 carats. It’s an affordable way to add color to your life. And because this beautiful stone comes in large carat weights, it’s the perfect gemstone for a statement piece of jewelry.

As a gemologist, I have a few suggestions when considering aquamarines. The most desirable stones have a blue-green color. Though, other shades may appeal to you too. The most important thing is to look for a stone with a consistent color. Clarity is of less importance since aquamarines naturally have fewer blemishes or inclusions. Choose a well-proportioned stone with excellent symmetry to maximize brilliance and fire.

While aquamarines come from the same mineral as emeralds, they are more durable than their green sister. Emeralds have a lot of inclusions and are known for being more fragile because of this.

Beneath the Blue:
The Many Benefits of Aquamarine

They come in various sizes, shapes, and qualities, allowing for differing budgets. For example, a flawless ten-carat diamond is out of most people’s price range, while a ten-carat aquamarine could be a consideration.

Besides their peaceful vibe, they are so beautiful to look at. This might be why they are known to ease anxiety and reduce stress. I have more inner peace and harmony when I wear aquamarine.

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