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Two Hearts ~ One Love: Matching Wedding Rings

THE GIST: Matching wedding rings have been around since ancient times. It’s an excellent way to incorporate design elements that communicate your commitment to one another. I would love to show you cool ways to design wedding rings that leave room for individuality too.

From Ancient Times
to Modern Times:
Wedding Rings that Vibe

Did you know that matching wedding rings are a recent trend from ancient times? Couples have been exchanging matching rings since ancient Egypt. They have long been a symbol of love and friendship. I enjoy how more couples are choosing complementary wedding rings nowadays. There are many ways to design matching wedding rings that leave room for individuality. It can be as simple as sleek cigar bands in varying widths or completely different styles with the same intricate engravings. To complement one another, we just need one thing that links the two wedding rings.


Harmonious Bonds:
Designing Matching
Wedding Rings

Designing the perfect matching wedding rings doesn’t have to be complicated. First, find at least one design element that appeals to both of you. It could be a metal color, gemstone shape or color, finish, texture, or custom hand-engraving. The latest trend in matching wedding rings is to have a unique design for each partner. 

The most crucial factor to remember is that each wedding ring should vibe with the other. It doesn’t have to be identical, though. I have designed nearly identical wedding rings, except one was wider than the other. The width can also be the one thing that is the same, and everything else is different from there. I will guide you in discovering what design elements you want to share and what you want to keep for yourself. This way, each ring will be complementary and maintain its individuality.


Sealed with Love:
Enduring Benefits of
Matching Wedding Rings

Wedding rings that complement one another are about creating a beautiful aesthetic. A timeless and stylish reminder of your love and promise to each other. Matching wedding rings is a time-honored tradition with a modern edge. Of course, we can do many more cool design elements today than thousands of years ago. But the sentiment is the same ~ love. This never goes out of vogue.

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