Engagement Rings

With Christmas only a month away and Valentine’s Day close behind, now is a popular time to begin hunting for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. While some trends from 2015 will continue into the upcoming year, there are also some beautiful new trends to consider when searching for your ring.

Colored Stones

Although the diamond is synonymous with engagement ring, colored stones have grown in popularity throughout the past few years. This trend is here to stay in 2016, with sapphires, yellow diamonds and more being placed in the center of many rings. These bright stones also make beautiful accent stones, highlighting the center diamond and adding a unique flair to your left ring finger.

Floral Design

Another 2015 trend that is sticking around for another year is floral themed engagement rings. A beautiful option for a romantic bride or one who loves nature, there are many options to choose from when it comes to floral designs. From bands detailed with tiny flowers and leaves to a center stone that is encompassed to appear like a blooming flower, there are floral options to suit every taste and budget.

Pear Shaped Stone

As we mentioned in our last post, the pear shaped diamond is making a comeback! Beautiful as a solitary stone or surrounded in a halo of smaller stones, the pear shape elongates and slims the hand, creating a look that many brides-to-be love.

Mixed Metals

The perfect choice for someone who loves to wear two different colored metals on a regular basis, we love the modern look of mixed metal engagement rings. White and rose gold create a gorgeous, romantic look. For a more traditional appearance, try pairing white and yellow gold.

Stacked Rings

One of the most interesting bridal trends of 2016 is the stacked rings that are growing in popularity. We love the idea of adding a ring to your finger on your anniversary or to commemorate the most special moments in your marriage. Love the look of mixed metals? Add a rose gold band to your stack of white gold rings.

Split Shanks

Romantic and sophisticated in style, the split shank engagement ring allows designers to experiment with a wide variety of unique and interesting styles. A great way to add a modern twist to a classic ring, the split shank is a popular option for 2016.

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