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2016 Engagement Ring Trends to Watch For

Here at Diamonds Forever, we love to keep up with the most recent engagement ring trends to keep ourselves and our customers informed. And, of course, because we love looking at gorgeous new rings.

As you and your significant other start talking about your future, you may catch yourself looking through magazines and Pinterest categories at engagement ring styles you love. With this being said, we would like to bring to you a few of the biggest trends that we have noticed for the year 2016.

Halo Settings

A classic option that is incredibly trendy right now, the halo setting creates a soft outline of diamonds surrounding a larger center stone. This unique and elegant setting is one that highlights the center diamond beautifully for a look that any bride-to-be will love.

Fancy Cuts

Traditional cuts like the princess, round and oval cuts have reigned supreme for years, but now there are almost endless options for individuals looking for a unique flair to consider. There used to be only a few popular cuts to choose from (like Round Brilliant and Princess cut), but now some of our favorites include Pear shape, Asscher cut and Emerald cut diamonds. Original and memorable, these shapes definitely show off your unique approach to fashion!

Cushion and Round Shapes

If you pay attention to what the celebrities are wearing on that ever so important finger, chances are you have spotted a cushion style. The cushion cut has a rectangular or square shape with rounded corners. Why do celebrities love it so much? Probably because it does an incredible job at accenting the stone’s setting. Definitely not your cookie-cutter ring, this is a lovely option for the one-of-a-kind lady in your life.


If you want to break through the barriers and have something totally unique for your engagement ring, you can design always design your own. In recent years, this has become quite a popular trend, because every woman’s ring should be a beautiful reflection of her personal style.

For San Diego are couples looking to tie the knot, Diamonds Forever can help you to create an incredible custom engagement ring of your own. To get started, browse our online selection for ideas and give us a call at 619-223-2151 to set up your first appointment. We can’t wait to see you here!

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