Hi everyone!

I’m Dani with Diamonds Forever and I’m a big part of the team. I’m a young jeweler with a sharp eye and a helping hand. I plan to make you happy and proud of your ring just like I’m proud of the store im a part of.

Making engagement rings is sort of like baking an amazing mountain berry crumb pie for someone. There are a few things you need: a little bit of cash for all the fixin’s, a very special recipe, and someone who loves you so much that they make sure the result is nothing but amazing!

The first steps in making an engagement ring is figuring out what you want to wear and what style you know you won’t get tired of. Of course, you’ll want it to be something unique and something you helped make. If you don’t have any ideas yet or are overwhelmed by the possibilities I know a few ways to help ease the stress. Simply going online is a good start and looking up cool rings or telling us some styles you’ve noticed. Some people like one of a kind vintage, antique style rings and others like a clean cut and polished contemporary style. Some want a little bit of both! We can make that happen.

Now once we execute the design you’re excited about we start to carve a wax! You can either go the route of expert hand carved waxes or computer designed models (CAD).  No matter which way you decide to go we are making you a family heirloom here at Diamonds Forever!  We want you to pass the ring along for generations. Making the wax model is extremely cool and artsy but the part where it gets really exciting is when you get to cast the ring. This is called “Lost Wax Casting”. Whaat- where does the wax go!? You might say. The details are a little technical but very cool.

In Lost Wax Casting you need a handful of things. Start off with the wax model and attach it to the rubber base securely using hot wax and covering it with a metal cylinder called a flask. After the flask is ready, we then pour investment (think plaster) to fill the cylinder. Let it harden for about 10 or 15 minutes and put it in the kiln (oven) overnight. When the flask is inside the oven, the wax evaporates and the investment takes the same form of the ring. The next step is my favorite! We use a huge torch to melt the metal and use a spin caster which uses centrifugal force and the gold shoots into the flask and-Boom! Your ring is now a real piece of jewelry made of gold.  At this point it’s not polished at all so it’s not pretty yet. The key to a gorgeous ring is the polish. Cleaning and polishing off all the excess metal and making sure everything has a mirror finish is the key in an impressive ring. This is where I step in and check the quality of the ring before setting and once it passes we proceed to set all the stones with care and after a few more checks and polishes, we finish and present to you a ring you’ll feel so proud of and maybe even a little giddy because it’s just so beautiful you can’t even believe it.

See, it’s almost as easy as pie! Now your next move is to make the grand gesture and pop the question. Make sure it’s a day she’ll never forget! Call me and let’s bake something sweet!;)

Dani, Diamonds Forever

If you are ready to begin your quest for the perfect earrings call us at (619) 223-2151 or come in and see us! We look forward to seeing you!

“Jewelry As Unique As You”