Engagement Rings

Remember that proposal? Sure you do. You’ve only told that story a thousand times. It never gets old, because up until that moment, it was the most important moment of your life.

Once in a lifetime moments like that don’t need to happen only once. It’s your life – you get to make the rules. Renew your vows by proposing all over again.

Relax. She already said “yes.” You don’t even need to figure out what to say. Surprising her with a new ring says it all. And what it says is that you love her more today than the day you first proposed.

Before we talk about that new ring that’s going to blow her mind, let’s travel back in time to see how they did it in other eras.

Join me if you will in the fifteenth century where we’ll see Max giving Mary a gold ring with diamonds in the shape of an “M.” That ring that the Holy Roman Emperor is putting on the Duchess’ finger is (drum roll please) the first diamond engagement ring. Talk about a trendsetter. Coco Channel’s little black dress has nothing on this guy.

Moving forward a bit to the sixteenth century, you’ll see a priest named Martin Luther marrying a nun named Katharina. It happens. You see that ring he’s placing on her finger? It’s called a gimmel ring. It’s designed with more than one hoop so that before the marriage ceremony, the couple each wears a part of the ring. At the wedding, the ring gets put back together before going onto the bride’s hand.

Now, let’s mosey on down to the time of Shakespeare in the seventeenth century where posy rings are all the rage. Here you’ll see a man proposing to his true love. Do you see that silver ring he is putting on her finger? Well, I’ll have you know that engraved on that silver ring is a love poem. C’mon, how cool is that? What’s even better is that the bride gets the same ring in gold at the wedding.

As far as here at home in America, diamond engagement rings started to surface a couple decades before the Civil War for those with means, but didn’t really become a thing until the 1920s.

Since that time a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t changed. The classic white diamond engagement ring is still what most guys propose with, but things are changing as some are opting for more unique colors and designs.

The truth is most girls think about a new ring from time to time. It was so exciting when they first got engaged. Most girls will never say it out loud, but they want that surprise again. Think about the look on her face when you propose to her all over again with a new ring that excites her as much, if not more, than the first time.

The options are endless – here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Think outside the box and instead of giving her flowers this anniversary, present her with a ring that has charming floral motifs. Does she have a favorite flower? Use that as inspiration to make a ring as unique as her.


Think of something a bit more daring like a pear or heart-shaped diamond or go old-school with a mine cut with a high crown or a briolette tear drop-shaped cut. There’s nothing like a new cut (except maybe color) to jazz up the way a ring feels sitting on her hand.


Think about getting her a setting that has been around the block or maybe even the world. An antique setting is not only kind of cool, it’s usually very unique. It says to her that you were looking for something out of the ordinary when you found her and here is something that reminds you of her.


Why not go for a colored center stone this time if you didn’t dare to the first time. What’s her favorite color? What color does she wear most of the time? What’s her favorite flower? Use the answers to these questions as inspiration for the colored stone that will make her know you’ve been paying attention.

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“Jewelry As Unique As You”