The one ounce gold Krugerrand is one of the most popular gold coins amongst collectors around the world. I’ve always liked Krugerrands because of their reddish hue that comes from the copper added to the medal during production; it gives them a unique look and is really noticeable when compared to the U.S. and Canadian gold coins. At Diamonds Forever we buy and sell a lot of these coins but we’re always excited when a client calls and wants to sell us some Krugerrands.

A lot of our sellers have either been collecting for a while or they just recently acquired some coins and they are not sure how to turn those coins into cash. Fortunately, it’s very easy and there is always a high demand for them. Reputable coin dealers like Diamonds Forever will rely on volume when dealing with coins so it’s not out of the question to get full value as long as you find the right buyer. Here are some interesting Krugerrand factoids.

  • – Krugerrands get their name from the joining of word “Kruger”(the dude on the coin) and “rand”(South Africa’s currency)
  • – By 1980 the Krugerrand accounted for 90% of all the world’s gold coins.
  • – Every year in cities across the globe anonymous benefactors will drop Krugerrands in Salvation Army kettlebells during the holidays.
  • – In 2009 The South African Mint Co. reported it had produced and sold 64 million ounces of gold in the form of Krugerrands, today that would equal $74.7 billion U.S.

Because Krugerrands are so recognizable and popular they have become fluid as cash. The gold/copper alloy means they can handle wear and tear so most of the Krugerrands you see will be in excellent

condition. Whether you’re buying or selling Krugerrands in San Diego give us a call, we love to chat about gold!

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