Diamond Studs
The 411 on Lab-grown Diamond Studs

It all starts with a natural diamond seed

Diamond studs are a must-have for a lot of women. Sometimes though, the size of stud you want is different than what you want to spend. In this situation, I highly recommend lab-grown diamonds. It’s a great way to get the size you want at a price you can appreciate. I love being able to offer this option to my clients. Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice for a lot of reasons. You may know that diamonds were the first mineral to form on earth. But you may not be aware that every diamond grown in a lab starts with a natural diamond seed. Pretty amazing, huh?


Natural versus lab-grown diamond studs

A lab-grown diamond possesses the same chemical makeup, crystal structure, and optical qualities as a natural diamond. And it is made to last forever ~ precisely the same as a diamond made by nature billions of years ago.  In the lab, it takes about one week to grow a 1 carat diamond versus the billions of years nature took to make the same-sized diamond. The only way to tell the difference is with a microscope or advanced laboratory testing equipment. As a gemologist, even I sometimes can’t distinguish between them. The most significant difference between the two is the price.


Larger for less

Lab-grown diamond studs will cost you about 40-60% less than natural diamond studs ~ for the same size and quality. Bottom line: you can get a much larger size and higher quality pair of diamond studs for a lot less. Lab-grown diamonds are the way to go if you want more for less.



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