Giving Gifts of Jewelry
Your Love Language

My love language is giving gifts


We each have a unique way of expressing our love. My love language is gift-giving. It’s how I show affection. You may always be there with kind words or a thoughtful deed when someone needs it. Or perhaps you know someone that always gives the best hugs. These are each a unique love language!

My love language is ideally suited for designing jewelry and helping others with gift-giving. So whether you’re celebrating your love story or the coming of spring with a just-because gift ~ I’m here to help you!


Tell Her You’ve Never Met Anyone Like Her



Stunning Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant

She will cherish this stunning necklace! Every diamond is unique ~ with a salt and pepper diamond, you can really see that. I needed to find a way to show off this pretty 1.88 shield rose cut, salt and pepper diamond. I set it off-center with claw prongs and a colorless diamond underhalo. It’s pretty cool ~ even if I say so myself. $2279 ~

Amazing Antique Filigree Necklace

She will love receiving this unique pendant! One of my favorite things to do is find antiques then restore them. When I came across this antique brooch, I was in awe of the delicate filigree metal ~ all done by hand more than a century ago. It makes a fabulous pendant, don’t you think? $498 ~


Tell Her You Want Her by Your Side



Pretty in Pink Earrings

Giving these earrings will wow her. These trillion-shaped tourmalines are spectacular. Tourmaline is a gemstone used to celebrate birthdays in October and the 8th wedding anniversary. $1368.00 ~

Huggie Hoop Diamond Earrings

This is one gift she will wear all the time! These gorgeous diamond hoop earrings are easy to wear. They work equally well with casual and formal attire. Starting at $378 ~

Tell Her She’s Yours



Dazzling Diamond Bracelets and Bangles

When you give her a tennis bracelet or diamond bangle, it is guaranteed to excite her! Diamonds are used to celebrate birthdays in April and the 10th wedding anniversary. This piece will never go out of style. Starting at $1023 ~

Lovely Lab-Grown Diamond Studs

You’ll always go right when giving diamond studs. Lab-grown diamonds allow you to get larger and higher quality for less. They are an eco-friendly choice. These staples are a must-have earring. Starting at $626 ~

Take the First Step! I’m excited to help you find the perfect gift. Contact me today to get started!

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“Jewelry As Unique As You”