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Popular Engagement Rings for 2022: Elegant, Edgy and Eco-friendly

Fresh Approach to Classic Styles

As the owner and lead designer at Diamonds Forever, I’m on the frontlines of design trends. What I find most exciting about 2022 are the fresh approaches to classic styles. Some of today’s popular designs are elegant, while others are pretty edgy. I see more interest in eco-friendly options too.

Custom Design is Always Trending

Couples are looking for something all their own. They want a ring that fits the unique way they see the world. No longer do they want what they’ve seen a hundred times before. Instead, they want to look down at her hand and know that no one else has their ring. Creating something that is all their own is what I love most about designing custom engagement rings.

What I’m Loving Right Now

Each January, I get excited about what’s trending in the coming year. We look at these styles as we plan for new inventory and custom designs in our studio. Here are a few of my favs!


East-to-West Settings ~ Modern

Are you looking for a new way to wear elongated-shaped gemstones? Consider setting them east-to-west or horizontally across your finger. I love this modern twist on a classic-style ring!


Two-Stone Rings ~ Edgy

The two-stone engagement ring is an oldie but a goodie. It has been around for hundreds of years, and couples are taking notice lately. It’s an exciting design when pairing two contrasting yet, complimentary stones. This design shows the wearer’s individuality while also representing their union.


Antique Diamonds ~ Eco-friendly + Elegant

Antique diamonds have always been a favorite of mine. I’m happy to see clients liking them more now too. Antique diamonds include Old European and Old Mine cuts. Using stones already on the market reduces the need for more mining. This makes them super eco-friendly!


Three-Stone Rings ~ Exciting

In 2022, three-stone engagement rings will surprise you. I love designing them with geometric or color side stones. The use of funky-shaped sides or a pop of color gives this traditional design a make-over. This style’s simplicity makes it fun to dress up with a tiara band for a flirty, fashion-forward look.


New Solitaire Settings ~ Timeless

The new solitaire settings are exciting. I love the unique prong orientation (think less of them and in unexpected positions). This style allows for a straight wedding band or a more fashion-forward wedding band. With this style engagement ring, you can stack bands and re-arrange them to create new looks. A new band is a fun and inexpensive way to keep your engagement ring looking fresh and exciting.


Lab-Grown Diamonds ~ So Eco-friendly

More couples are exploring lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings. It’s fun for them to compare what their budget can get them in a natural diamond versus a lab-grown diamond. With lab-grown diamonds, they can afford top quality and larger stones for less money. We have a large selection of stones for you to try on. 


Let’s Play Around and Find Your Unique Style!


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