Wedding Bands
Popular Ladies Bands for 2022: Traditional to Daring

I love the daring way bands are being paired

This year, wedding bands are a hybrid of classics alongside designs that are daring. The possibilities are super exciting. Ladies are showing off cigar bands, stacking diamond bands with different orientations for a fresh look, sporting free-form bands for a whimsical look, and donning fancy-shaped tiara bands for a modern vibe.

How you wear it is up to you

The bottom line with bands is that the style is up to you! Having two, three, or four wedding bands is no longer the exception. Choose what you want to wear and how you want to wear it. It’s that simple.

What I’m loving right now

Each year, I get so excited about what’s trending. I consider this as I ramp up for another new year in our design studio. Here are a few I love.


For the Modern Minimalist

This classic band with a playful side goes with so many engagement ring styles. I love how the open ends allow your engagement ring to sit flush with it. This is especially helpful if your engagement ring has an elongated center stone. The subtle taper adds a unique sparkle to any engagement ring or stack of bands.


For a Show-off Style

Marquise diamonds are experiencing a revival of sorts. I like setting them east-to-west (or horizontally) for a beautiful modern look. These feminine-shaped diamonds are perfect for a stylish or more showy band. I can also make it for you with moissanite or lab-grown diamonds.


For Making a Statement

Cigar bands are hot right now. This iconic band makes for a fantastic wedding ring. It can be encrusted with diamonds or left high-polished or satin finished. A cigar band is especially wonderful if you don’t want to wear your engagement ring every day. I’d definitely say it’s a statement piece of jewelry.


For an Uber Elegant Look

This diamond tiara band is a stunner. I love the bold look of this band. It offers a really striking half-halo for your engagement ring. It also looks great on its own. A tiara band is an excellent alternative to a more traditional band. This band works well with low-set center stones.


For a Classic Look

This straight band is a classic design that works well with most engagement settings. The diamonds are prong-set, making them appear larger. It’s perfect for the new (non-cathedral) solitaire settings that allow bands to sit flush. So shiny and at a great price point too.


The More the Merrier

Mixing differing widths and gemstone shapes can be inspiring. Adding a new band can feel like getting a new engagement ring. Rearranging bands daily is an easy way to give your wedding set a fresh new look. It’s exciting.


Let’s Play Around and Find Your Unique Style!


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