The Wild and Mysterious Center Stone: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Mother Nature’s Masterpiece:
Unique, Affordable, Versatile, Eco-Friendly

Salt and pepper diamonds are one of the most unique center stones for an engagement ring. I love how much personality they have. Their beauty is akin to a face no one can describe why it’s so beautiful. Each stone has its own spirit and vibe. Selecting a salt and pepper diamond also allows you to get a bigger center stone at a more affordable price.


These Daring Beauties Have Options Galore

All the unusual shapes you can choose from make them even more special. Salt and pepper diamonds come in hexagon, shield, kite, moon, and coffin shapes ~ as well as traditional shapes like round, pear, marquise, radiant, square, and triangle. Colors range from an icy white to a cognac color.

Depending on the mix of salt (crystals) and pepper (unformed carbon) ~ they can be very salty with a sprinkling of pepper or very peppery with a bit of salt. Sometimes there are warm tones too. My favorite is a dark gray with white specks ~ like stars in the night sky. They look especially great set into rose gold or yellow gold.


Why Do Couples Love Salt & Pepper Engagement Rings?

Modern couples are more inclined to celebrate their individuality. Of course, all diamonds are unique, but with salt and peppers ~ you can see why with your naked eye. Salt and peppers have charisma and charm to spare. I think they are fascinating to gaze at. It’s like looking at a moving landscape under a dark moon. You could spend a lifetime discovering something new in your diamond.



Come Swoon Over Our Salt & Peppers!



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