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Popular Men’s Bands for 2022: Because his ring should be awesome too

Trending Now: One-of-a-kind Designs

This year, men’s wedding bands are more on the individual side. Designs are tailored to a groom’s ethos and personality. The classic slimmer yellow gold band is in ~ just with much cooler finishes. Gemstones are also in fashion for men  ~  just ones with more of an edge like teal sapphires or salt and pepper diamonds. All you need to do is let your imagination take charge.


A Style for Every Lifestyle

Just as a woman’s lifestyle is considered when choosing her band, so should a man’s. Select something that resonates with you but also fits your life. Then, your style or passion can be translated into the design of your wedding band.


Matching Bands or Individual Style?

You want your wedding band to look nice with your partner’s versus matching it. All you need is one common design element. For example, you could select the same color metal or just the same finish in a different color metal. If she has a blue sapphire center, you could choose a small sapphire flush into your band. All you need is one common thread to make your two bands complement one another. The rest of the design should vibe with your individual spirit.

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